Caroline Guitar Company Parabola

Parabola, Tremolo pedal from Caroline Guitar Company.

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Duration: 06:06 - Language: en - Added by Locomotiv on Apr 16, 2018 at 8:18:30 AM

Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo Pedal | CME Gear Demo

Our longtime buddy Phillipe Herndon from Caroline Guitar Company stopped by for our Pedal Extravaganza to demo his BRAND NEW Parabola Solid State Tremolo Pedal. Like all of Caroline's products, the Parabola opens your pedal board to a whole new realm of sound. Swing by the store or visit to catch our exclusive throwback can version of the Parabola before they're gone!<br /> <br /> From Caroline:<br /> <br /> The Parabola is a solid state, transistor generated waveform tremolo. The oscillator is strongly influenced by the vintage Schaller TR-68/TR-316 “West Germany” tremolo pedals that I fell in love with in the 1990s. They have a gorgeous analog waveform that actually changes shape with the depth control.<br /> <br /> Gear Used: <br /> <br /> Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo Throwback Can Limited Edition<br /> (<br /> <br /> Fender Vintage Modified '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Silverface<br /> (<br /> <br /> Fender Classic '60s Jazzmaster Lacquer PF Olympic White w/Painted Headcap & Hardshell Case (<br /> <br /> Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface w/DUO Processing<br /> (<br /> <br /> Shure SM57-LC Instrument and Vocal Microphone<br /> (