Laney LC15R
Laney LC15R
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All user reviews for the Laney LC15R

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 7 reviews47 %
 7 reviews47 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money:Excellent
King Loudness12/17/2011

King Loudness's review"A lil' tone machine"

Laney LC15R
The Laney LC-15R is one of the smallest variants of the LC series line, which is noted for its more vintage styling and tone. This particular model is a single channel amplifier, putting out 15 watts of power that is run on EL84 tubes. It has a single 10" speaker for great portability. The single channel has a gain control, a bright switch (acts sort of like a brightness control on a Fender, or a Top Boost channel on a VOX) and the typical EQ stack of bass, middle, treble. There's also the standard volume control, and a nice spring reverb as well. The back houses the speaker jacks as well as an effects loop, great and useful features.


Getting a good tone out of this amplifier is pretty easy. There's not a lot of controls to get your head around and the layout is pretty typical. Its closest competitor is the Fender Blues Junior for features and general layout. The amp is single channel so my best approach to setting it up was to either set the amp up with a more mid gain sound and use a boost pedal like a Super Overdrive to kick it into high gear or setting it up for its highest gain tone (think early Van Halen sounding) and then use my guitar volume to clean it up. The EQ reacts pretty typically for an amp of this type, though understandably there isn't a ton of low end considering it only has the one 10" in it.


This amp, despite its simplicity, actually sounds pretty fantastic for the price and features. It's got to be set up for each, but you CAN get a great clean and some rippin' drive out of this amp as well. The clean tones are jangly and clear, with a teasing hint of Fender-y sparkle and chime, perfect for single coil players or perhaps P90s/lower output humbuckers. Easing up the gain brings the amp into great bluesy tones that work very well for gritty blues and early rock n' roll styles. Switching into the highest gain setting gives it a certain British fire that's reminiscent of that great tone used by many rock gods of the '70s and '80s. Sure it may not have the POWER of your vintage Marshall JMP put on 10, but it's got that sort of tone if you want it.


All in all I think the Laney LC-15R is a great little tube amp for the player who wants a classic look, easy to use layout, simple yet useful features and a great variety of tones in a single channel design. It sounds particularly cool and it definitely is a way to get that British tone in a cheaper and portable box. At about $500 new these amps were fairly priced when new and you can find them for $300 or so if you look now. Definitely a great little gem in this world of amps. Go check one out!
MGR/andy mackay03/10/2007

MGR/andy mackay's review"Laney LC15R"

Laney LC15R
I have played since I was 12 or 13 and I am 42 now in march 2007. I like classic rock music likes of neil young, love, the who, new wave late 70's early 80's the likes of television the teardrop explodes echo and the bunnymen and everything between john martyn, nick drake, the doors, nirvana you get the picture. I also like the old school hip hop like bambata and the old tommyboy stuff, and house music, and modern stuff white stripes, blur, killers, arcade fire, tapes'n'tapes, artic monkeys, oasis, ETc, ETC, ETC.

I bought the amp from ebay for £135, the amp was £199 @ the time, these amp do keep their price. I bought it because I wanted a small valve amp with reverb. I have had the amp for approx 2 years.

The LC15R is pretty well equiped for the price @ the time there wasn't many valve amps around in the cheaper bracket, there seems to be more and more cheaper small amps around now like the ones from ibanez and epiphone. The amp has 2 inputs one brighter than the other, it has bass, treble, middle, gain, volume, and reverb. It also has an effects loop, direct out, ext speaker, and a reverb on/off footswitch, which work with any latching switch. It has quite a lot of gain so you can get the full range of sound and volumes from it. The amp is pretty well featured and the tone is pretty good for an amp of the price.

What I have noticed about these and other equpment reviews is that people arn't too objective about their equipment, I mean whos gonna say well I went and bought a piece of crap, or perhaps people just wouldn't go and be bothered writing about something the don't like. But anyway this amp comes with a crap speaker ( I believe that it now comes with a celestion tube 10). I replcaed the original one with a nice webber signature 10, I also junked the sovtek valves and put in a set of JJ's, the amp really sound nice with these alterations. I also rigged the speaker up so it plugged into the ext socket because when you plug into the ext in the original config it didn't short out the internal speaker so I wasn't too sure about the ipedence. The other thing with the amp is that the pots are really small with tiny chicked heads and some are getting a bit scratchy but it is a cheap amp.

The build quality is a bit harder to say the cab looks like it's made from MDF, the finish is a bit rough around the back but hey. The tolex looks perfect so far and the amp is made in the UK, which I am not sure about the newer ones, I noticed in a review of one of the larger Laney amps that it was made in the far east. More and more British amp companies seem to be doing this IE Vox, Celestion, Marshall (their cheaper amps anyhoo), Orange, and Laney. To me this seems wrong especially for the like of Vox and Celestion, people pay for a product that is associated with Britain and they are made in China vox and celestion arn't cheap either, if Marsahll can manage to make all their more upper class stuff in the UK I don't see why they can't. The other nice feature about this and all of Laney's stuff is the chrome front panel very classy.

The bottom line is that this amp is a good buy @ the price, when you compare it to say the fender blues junior @£325, with no reverb, the laney @ about £200 or less, and with reverb is a good deal, and with the non reverb version @ about £160 they are well priced. Check it out yourself try ebay or as I said they are pretty cheap new and if you don't like it you will get rid of it on ebay and you won't loose much.

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MGR/Dave's review"Laney LC15R"

Laney LC15R
I got the amp used for £150, which might seem alot but it had only been used twice and never gigged . It also had new valves put on it.

What is there to not like about this practise amp? It is amazing, it has a sweet tone , looks good and it is VERY loud. Probably loud enough for gigging but I haven't tried it yet. The sounds that you get are warm sweet and of a quality that makes you look twice at the price tag. I use it with a Zoom 505 multi-effects unit and some of the sounds I get are absolutely amazing. I have already mentioned that the looks are very tasteful and I would say it is one of the best looking budget valve amps available. Excellent!!!!

I can't really answer this one! There isn't anything I don't like about this amp. Except the fact that being used to a solid state amp it takes a while to get used to having to let it warm up.

I haven't had that long but from what i can see it is of very good quality. The knobs feel sturdy and have a smooth action but I am constantly worrying that I am going to break one of the valves because there is nothing to stop them being hit . So as far as I can see it is of a very high standard of buil quality.

What can I say? It is absolutely brilliant. I used to get bored playing my guitar through my old amp but now once i start I can't stop until I fall asleep. It has renewed my interest in guitars all over again!!! Buy one now!!!!!!!!

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MGR/Russ's review"Laney LC15R"

Laney LC15R
I paid about £200 (UK) for the unit, brand new from my local music shop.

Its valve, 15 watts and sounds absolutely amazing value for money. It covers clean and dirt sounds nicely and it is very loud (I have gigged this amp and it will quite happily break through the noise of the bass and drums. It responds really well to the volume of the guitar. (It has to, it is a single channel amp) Put your strat on 6-7 on the vol and the unit remains clean, up above 7 and then you get crunch, dirt then rock/solo. Excellent!

The Invader speaker in it isn't much cop - stick a Jenson in and you will improve the amp further. Similarly, stick some decent valves in it (it comes with mediocre Chinese valves in it). Ok, this adds more to the price of the amp and makes it non original but you will still do better buying this than trying to buy an off the shelf package for the same price. The valves sit directly on the pcb -this may not be a problem but the heating effects may cause some problems down the line...?

Good solid unit. It survived falling down a flight of stairs (thanks to my flatmate) and still works perfectly. (Amazingly there was no cosmetic damage either!) I think that speaks for itself. The valves seem a little exposed - be careful not to knock them or anything! At the end of the day, it is built fairly well bearing in mind it is a budget amp! You can't expect the earth...

A excellent practice amp that is rugged enough to gig at small venues. Its tone is very British and superb at that. Stick a mic in front of it and you got a very useable amp for any venue.

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poiureza's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Laney LC15R






Little amp for blues-rock. Rather mushy, not too sterile in as clean Laneys transistor. He did not seem to like the pedals of direct modulation (therefore necessary to use the effects loop).
I replaced the HH Invader atrocious by Jensen. It makes a big difference.
I had 5-6 Laney (transistors and lamps) and HH were the weak link of all.
The power is enough to rock concerts in cafes if you turn the knobs to the bottom but then it gets too hot. Solution: the return on the head so that heat away from components (I really did live). I installed a small fan on the basis of lamps that helps too.

In small tube amps, it's my favorite.
The reverb is bofbof but in small doses it passes.
Pedals distos live going well.
I have since changed several times lamps (different models), I do not mean mass differences. Against the replacement by HP means to him.

maquer's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LC15R
Everything has been said that 15 big watts even when
opportunity to give Pluna boot by plugging a speaker


The configuration could not be easier
it can be used for a group are no worries it's even better if it is connected to an external speaker
the manual? there a manual?


As for the config, sound all its gonna a fairly clean singing has a saturation type hard rock through blues sound perfect for after a metal distortion, I prconise the jobs of pedal.
this amp is very powerful despite its small size (it is normal lamp)
at the reverb is not lzards is well
the hemorrhage amps very well at low levels but when you push a little he shows all his qualities


Ba I lay for nearly two weeks it is still pricey for a tube (345)
So quality report is very well taken

jai tried many amps of this type or transistor amp 100w
conclusion: it is pointless to buy 30kg sold off large firm or a 4 * 12 for a head amp shit privilgiez dabord the quality rather than power.

Bonj's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LC15R
Amp tubes Pramp 3xecc83 (higrade and RUBY CZ) 2xel84 (Sovtek)
15 Watts
1 HP 10 "Invader
external speaker output 8-16ohms
Made in the UK

PSE is just 11 kg prs


Simple configuration
It has everything you need. It's a Swiss army knife.
I do not remember having had a hand in the hands but there is no need.
Personally I find the reverb useless.
I use the little bright but it gives a clear sound ct foil INTERESTED.


This is an amp that offers a wide diversity of sounds intrinsque. The position of the gain (and of course the type of guitar can be used without a sound or light jazz. If you push the gain you get a great distortion for blues and rock.
He has more than enough in the boot to cover a drummer fach.


Purchased 2000. I think the report qualitprix is ​​exceptional. This is an amp Designed to be carted into rpt 'prvue with an output to connect an external speaker. It is a complete amp well done and well thought out. It offers a multidimensional tone and a crunch particulirement superb.
I rcemment chang tubes origins, After a few tests I felt like my amp redcouvrir particulirement in saturation.
RSID his only weakness in the design of the same amplifier: its "lugging". In fact the hp 10 "rvle is bad enough in the bass response. This is no longer a problem if you connect a 4x12" Externally, the speaker of Laney then disables itself.
TRS is a good amp that sounds robust and functional.

RazielSpectral's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LC15R
Guitar amp lamps
15W (15W and a good ... Wow!)
Between a high, between a low, effects loop
Buttons gain, volume, bass middle treble equalizer, reverb
The amp is basic but has everything it takes to s'clater and have a real sound. We regret a little that there is no 2nd channel, but must not ask too much, either ...


Super simple setup, there is not tons of buttons ... Just turn the knobs in a little all over the place, and after a few moments the tour is played nothing complicated!
Easily obtained a good sound! Same when you know nothing about (like me, my first amp c'tait), has just alone (read the manual and trying small small ...), it was the sound being sought, not forcment right away, but without taking tural head, the equalizer is effective, and sensitive knobs and prcis.
The manual given with the BTE is short and in English. A bit succinct but contains the essential, it must be said that the use is, as said prcdemment, simple. One branch is turned knobs and playing.
Some examples of rglages plutt damn well are donns. Laney thank you: p


It's perfect "my style of music" a little bit of everything! It sounds good in blues, rock, hard, and is pretty hairy much saturation when pushing the gain.
I play it with (shame my fist) a Squier Affinity Fat Start. That said, I had the opportunity to use it with other shovels, and he always sends all the little laney (even more in proportion with the quality of corrlative stuff!).
It is powerful, animals, and little bit rock prs what you want.
The sounds are fat plutt nice, there are ways to have fun pushing the button to take to win AC / DC. However, the saturated are not exeptional but not dgueulasses either. Defines pretty well, its not too messy, and even away from l.
With a good rglage, a touch of reverb (or not) and if one understands What is the middle rglage is s'clate well in the rhythm.
For clear sound, excellent plutt is the pe LC15R shows that all the prettiest capatits, we never tire of it is brilliant, and wildly enjoyable ear (same for our neighbors, and even if we play bad, say it)!
The sounds that I dtest? No see! It is admirable that small!
The ones I prfre, sounds clear, without a doubt. But if you put a little distortion pedals in front, I would bet that lends the balance could be reverse ... Is that it has potential! And margin ...


I used two months.
What I like most about him (my god, but what I mean ...): it is compact and lightweight! Trs beautiful sound, it's a whole also lamps ... I love everything about him, all things considered!
The default, I can not find ...
I tried many before MODELS ... Fender, Marshall, Hughes & Kettner, Vox, too, and frankly, without a doubt, c'tait much I liked him the most!
Honntement, I really store cum long before I DCID is an amp I really wanted to keep it long, long time!
I consider it excellent! An all-tube 15W for approximately 300, this quality has not run the streets ...
Yes, sr, for all the reasons prcdemment ennonces.
For the record, you will srement noticed that I speak of him to pass ... I sent him a ride in SAV (reverb problem ...), and he came back his great ERRF, the Laney LC30 II! Obviously then, I prfre, but the one to find a new ... 300 LC30 Good luck!
So yes, I would do Obviously the same choice (even if the MODEL suprieur derrire wont sparkle!)!

If you hsitez ... advisor to more than ... n'hsitez more! It is really worth, and plenty of time.

wesmontgo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LC15R
See data sheet


Config simple, good sound immediate manual (English) very convenient.


Vintage clean sounds clear and clean, pleasant.
Fender strato US more for vintage 60th and other various rocks. Great with a pedal effect on the loop.
Did not find the right sound in Jazz with a Epiphone Joe Pass (lacks a bit of bass).


Bought new in November 2006, I wanted an amp lamps as light as possible, separating me from a big 212-100W a bit heavy on the stairs (37 kg).
Well I was amazed by the sound of this little amp for lamps rock-blues-60th-70th, especially with my old Digitech effects pedals RP1 who finds a new life plugged into the effects loop.
Her clear, powerful enough for everyday use: no breath, respect for the guitar, simple, and ... 11.5 kg!.

June 2007: testing for 6 months, connected to an external speaker VOX 2X12 '(16-ohm): enormous power class A / B is a factor of 4!), Its excellent vintage with a stratovolcano.
A quality / price ratio as for a European manufacturing (GB) that I even ended up letting me go to think, in terms of price, it was the Chinese! (As is the case for the speaker VOX 2x12 ")

keith1's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LC15R
See previous ones opinion


See previous ones opinion


See previous ones opinion


I am an Owner 'LC15 and a LC15R.

Concerning technical data, I rfres prcdants notices.

Sound: basic rock stonien, zeppelinien, is done with, actually a small
lack of body size Li HP, but 'must know what you want, from the small
handy or heavy artillery ...

Problem: I purchased these based amps to play pub, making them a spit
max, without bedding in the PA. I may be seen a little big (four
sets the mood smokes and heat ...) have the two amps slap
same as the LC15 of the other guitarist. So it seems,
transformers would be somewhat under-dimentionns (COTS requires rduction).

So, be careful pushing them too and too long.