Genz-Benz El Diablo 100

Genz-Benz El Diablo 100

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El Diablo 100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Genz-Benz in the El Diablo series.

9 user reviews
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Genz-Benz El Diablo 100 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Genz-Benz
  • Model: El Diablo 100
  • Series: El Diablo
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 05/05/2004

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Genz-Benz El Diablo 100 user reviews

Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 2 reviews22 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
MGR/Neal Tyson04/15/2004

MGR/Neal Tyson's review"Genz Benz El Diablo 100"

Genz-Benz El Diablo 100
I bought this amp head from Zeagler Music in Monroe Louisiana for $1300. It came stock with Svetlana EL34's but I swapped them for Sovtek 6L6's right away.

This amp has some amazing features. It has 3 channels that can be used together for different sounds. It also has a selectable 6L6/EL34 switch and can accept 5881's as well. The clean channel has a very good fender tone to it. The first stage of the gain channel is very round sounding. You can get that SRV slow breakup or the clapton fuzz! Click the modern gain button together with the classic and you get a very heavy bet sharp gain. This is my favorite setting! There is a tube contour on this part of the amp that will change the tone from Mesa sizzle to Marshal fuzz in no time flat. This amp also has one of the best 3 bad EQ's I have ever used. You can select between 50/100w and in 50w you can get everything breaking up easier for that bluesy sound. I think 50w is more than enough for most medium sized venues.

The reverb package is the only thing I thought fell short.

This unit is built very well. It is heavy duty all around. The internals are laid out very well.

I would never get anything other than this. You can save money from buying a Diezel or Soldano and it has more features than the Mesa's and can get the same sound. The tube contour is the best feature in my opinion. You can make the tone as sharp as a Dual Rectifier or as fuzzy as a Hywatt. Inbetween is where I like it as that is right around the Bogner/Diezel/Soldano sound. I only move the knob 1/4 either way to get any of those tones.

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nickname009's review

Genz-Benz El Diablo 100
• 50/100 Watt Output Selector Offers
The Tone and Feel of 2 Different Amplifiers
• Dual Speaker Jacks w/ Impedance Selector Switch and Imp. Calculator
• Direct Output section—XLR Freq.
Compensated w/GRND Lift; 1/4" Line Out;
0db or -20db Switch
• Effects Loops—Individual WARM Ch.; HOT Ch. & Global (serial) Effects Loops
• Reverb Cancel Jack—Optional Single Button Footswitch
• Foot Switch—Din Plug Input for 5 Button Footswitch (included)
• Power Inlet/Fuse Holder Plug
• 115/230 Voltage Selector Switch
• Tube Buffered Input Stage
• WARM Tube Ch.—Clean or Vintage Gain Sw.; Gain & Volume Preamp Controls
• ±15db Bass, Mid, Treble Tone Shaping; Reverb Level Control
• Channel Selector Switch
• HOT Tube Ch.—Classic or High Gain Sw.; Dynamic or Compressed Tube Texture; Gain & Volume Preamp Controls; Tube Contour Control; ±15db Bass, Mid, Treble Tone shaping; Reverb Level Control
• GLOBAL Section—Attack Sw. w/ Level Control; Master Reverb control; Master Volume Control
• Two Independent Tube Channels
• Six Triode Preamp Stages (3-12AX7 Tubes)
• Four Power Tubes (ships w/Ruby Tube EL 34's)
• EL34 or 6L6 Power Tube Capability
• Rear Panel Bias Pot
• Five Button Footswitch Included

This is basically a 2 channel amp with a buttload of features. The El Diablo is supposed to be able to get you the utmost cleans all the way to high gain brutal distortion.


This is a bit of a complex amp. It's got a lotta knobs and the LEDs are all so bright and pretty! So it may take some time to adjust to a sound that you like. I personally had to even email Jeff Genzler a few times to get some suggestions on how to tweak this thing right and get in the ball park.

The manual does definitely help!!


I have owned this version as well as the 60 watt tribal head version, I tried both to see what the differences were and to see if I preferred one over the other and to be honest I now don't own either of them. I will review the 60 watt version soon.

CLEAN: Actually, this is probably the best sounding channel of the amp. It's not sterile, has loads of headroom and spank. It's not particularly bright like a fender but not too dark either, it sort of has it's own thing but you can definitely hear a good sparkly clean.

Distortion: This is where it came up short. I don't know why but there was always this buzzy/fizzy tone in the distortion signal that I couldn't get rid of no matter how I EQ'd the damn thing. This got to the point where I even emailed Jeff Genzler on this. He was very quick to reply and very helpful of course, his tips DID help minimize the fizzy tone I was hearing but did not eliminate it completely. I was quite upset overall though, the fact that this amp sounded like a solidstate amp for the price I paid and with all the tubes in the world, it couldn't change the overall sound. I guess it was just the design of the El Diablo, it's sort of a very modern tone and even on the vintage settings, still quite modern sounding.

Though generally it is a unique sounding amp and I've heard some rather decent clips from other players using it. But it definitely didn't take off like some other amps. The distortion was overall just a bit too sterile for my tastes and I ended up selling it and buying the 60 tribal as I heard it might've been warmer sounding..


Overall the amp's construction is great, the build quality looks very reliable and the service from Jeff is amazing. But the amp itself seems to lack something that most guitarist players are looking for. So it's worth a try but in my opinion, it sounded like a DECENT solidstate amp. I can't say that it sounds horrible cause it seems to have potential and I've heard good samples from others, but my experience with it was not super positive. The cleans were amazing but the distortion lacked something and had a fizzy character to it I couldn't dial out even with help from Jeff Genzler himself.


yupanky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genz-Benz El Diablo 100
Amplifier Type:
Six at the triode preamp (3-12AX7's) and 4 lamp amplifier (ships w / Svetlana EL 34's).

50w or 100w depending on the mood (with switch behind the head). But beware of the ears, at 50 watts and volume 4 / 10 I'm already very strong ... It has two channels but in fact each channel has a number of changes (adding crunch, boost, compressor, vintage ,...) which multiplies the possibilities.

At the front (left to right):
1. Input jack
2. Switch clean / vintage used to boost the sound clean and crunch
3. Gain channel 1 (for controlling the rate of crunch)
4. Volume of channel 1
5. Tone Channel 1 (three knobs: bass, mid, treble)
6. Channel 1 Control reberb
7. Switch the channel 1 / 2 with light indication
8. Switch the channel gain between two classic / high, allowing to push the distal (channel 2)
9. Switch to the texture of the dynamic between channel 3 / compressed, allowing the sound to round
10. Gain of channel 2 (to control the rate-distortion)
11. Volume of channel 2
12. Contour (to switch to a vintage sound "dirty")
13. Tone Channel 1 (three knobs: bass, mid, treble)
14. Reverb Control Channel 2
15. Switch to attack (button boost for solos, up to 15 db ...)
16. Attack level control
17. Reberb level control (global: for both channels)
18. Total volume (both channels)
19. Standby Switch
20. Ignition Switch

On the back:
1. Switch to the voltage between 230 and 115 volts (for globe-trotters)
2. Din input to the pedal to 5 switches with very long cable (not very strong default)
3. We can add a pedal on / off for the reverb
4. Global effects loop
5. Loop inputs for Channel Hot
6. Loop inputs for channel Warm
7. Unbalanced line output
8. Balanced direct output
9. Line / direct output level switch (30dB to reduce the output power)
10. Ground lift switch (?)
11. Speakers outputs (2x)
12. Impedance Selector (4, 8 or 16 ohms) with impedance calculator
13. Switch power between 50 and 100 watts for the deaf ...
14. Switch if you want to change the power tubes (between 6L6 and EL34's)

That's about all. For more info (because I have not put any):

Simple but must spend time to find his "sound", but quickly come to find happiness.

None except the reverb, but it's not a factory amp type (Johnson, Line6 ,...)


From simple to complex according to its requirements

The manual provided is very comprehensive but in English ...


I think this amp is suitable for all music (I play all styles and I was not disappointed, even the waltz with a Cuban and electro-acoustic).

I play mostly metal and I can tell you that it's mind-blowing.

Clean sounds (with Seymour Duncan test):
Even if it is not his strong point (with good pedal style Xotic AC Booster or similar to the defect becomes obsolete) I think they are very good (Crystaline the knob on the guitar mic medium or low, crunchy on micro acute). It sounds hard to explain, because the possibilities are endless. I use my personal Xotic, equa, chorus and there you get a clean sound and perfect crunch (well, it's not the twin ... but the twin is not as good in distortion) at least I can get a hendrixien and it's good enough for me!

Its distortion (test with microphones EMG81 PARD):
There, Mr. Hyde appeared. I play in a metal band and I must say that with a good mix of pedal and boost equa ("V") is a distortion that makes spit takes off paint paper! Strong, accurate, and fat. Accuracy: Mandatory noise gate if you want not only that feedback too. The beast can pull 100W but not necessary. I play 50w and volume 4 / 10 I'm too loud ...


I've had one for over a year. I am completely satisfied.

I like its master key. I love everything about this amp (look, sound ,...), but the only minus is the cable from the switch a little fragile (already repaired after a year ... well I move bcp)

I tried bcp and models except engl or diesel, but twice as much amps bleufés to me, I would say I am very happy with this big machine.

I bought it at the time CHF. 2'400 .- + the cabinet Genz Benz (which is well worth a mesa or engl) CHF. 1600 ... It's been almost 2'550 .- Euros. Price / quality ratio very good.

I would do the same purchase separately if I buy a head Engl ... that I might soon ... but I will not give this head either.

PS: Another small point worth a visit. The possibility of effects in the sound clean only and other distortion in the sound only. I explain. Just by pressing the switch to change channels (one button), or alternatively you can activate a set of pedals (chorus, delay, rev) in its clean, is another series (equa, boost, wah ...) its distortion. Which avoids playing live tap, brilliantly thought!

That's good, it was long, but hopefully some will link these lines, because it is an amp that is worth seeing. A +
Flo Jobb01/27/2007

Flo Jobb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genz-Benz El Diablo 100
Everything has been said.


I think will be a little particular, because I tested this amp "in a hurry" I attended a festival providing the amps, so I found out on the job, not so easy to be able out its sound. I would so not too bad, and I will focus more on comparison with a marshall dsl-100 that I tested in similar conditions. I said again, I think the game will focus on this amp without preparation.

As for getting sound, well, honestly it was pretty hard, and during my set I did not like the sound I got. It is extremely difficult I think to get a clear well defined without too much treble or too deaf, and distos lack depth, although the volume and the desired power for distortion, but not enough to sustain and depth I think. The sounds are still adequate, it said, but compared to the marshall dsl-100, for me there's no photo, I found my sound in 2 minutes, clear as saturated.


I play mostly funk and rock, and my music needs I can go from crystal clear sound and well defined in a very deep distortion and "fat".

And when I played on this amp, despite my attempts to settings, the opposite has happened: a clear, bold, that as soon as my j'enclenchais screaming wah-wah to become more power ( despite the treble knob set to the half, the sound is too dull otherwise, and the selector set my guitar on the neck pickup to overcome this acute overload) and distal (despite various boost switched on) not up from what I expected.

That said, I saw people out sound about right for this amp, but not at what I could get out on the dsl-100.


Clearly I put 5 because this amp has left me completely indifferent enough to play, but not enough I think to have a sound that suited me, perhaps it would have been different if I had time to exploit its full potential, but I repeat once again the head marshall dsl-100 seemed much easier to access, with greater sound capabilities.

Try it if you have the opportunity, but do not buy the eye (or rather ears ^ ^) closed, taking the price for a guarantee of quality.

One small detail that I liked is that diffuse the light head, throws ca ^ ^

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