Hayden Lil' MoFo Head
Hayden Lil' MoFo Head

Lil' MoFo Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hayden in the MoFo series.

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Npay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good in its category"

Hayden Lil' MoFo Head
Amp head while 2W lamps
An 8 ohm speaker output and record output
A headphone output
An auxiliary input that lets you send audio from an external source, such as a smartphone or MP3 and the volume is controlled by a knob 'mix'

In the controls it's classic: master, gain and low / mid / high.
There is also a combo version with a Celestion Super 8 hp and a reverb.

The head is very small (4 kg) and compact, very portable.


The amp is super easy to use, there is only one channel.
We play on the knobs gain / master to get a clean sound or a popping sound, difficult to get any easier.
The sound is well balanced, the EQ knob is very effective.
All knobs can be used on all their race.

If it does not certainly suit everyone (see below), at least all sounds are usable.


I use it at home in an apartment for a few weeks on a baffle 118 Hayden (equipped with a Celestion Super 8) is done to complete it. I also tested on a 1x12 speaker cabinet Celestion Vintage 30.

I bough him a Les Paul, but I had the opportunity of a telecaster connect to any recovery. The receiver complies with the color of the instruments that he branch. It is rather typical old Marshall amp, but has its own personality.

Base with the speakers on which I plugged it, despite its modern look (which I find really cute and original by the way), the amp sounds decidedly vintage typed. With a good guitar Les Paul type, get a sound on Led Zeppelin IV is extremely simple. Early loupiote amplification saturates very easily and produces a very rich dynamic sound with natural compression that reacts very well to the nuances of the game.

Pushing the master and gain, I get a good overdrive with a subtle grain, airy, always very distinctive vintage. We will not go against type by in the real big distortion, it will take on pedals for that.

It's a small amp 2W done to carry out at home and get the saturation lamps without being blown eardrums. Be careful though, a 2W speaker with high efficiency AC may already ringing loudly. That's why for my use, I prefer to plug it into a small Celestion Super 8.

View full power and as the lamp quickly gives a compressed and slightly crunchy sound when you push a little Master, I can only advise against this amp if you are looking for a perfect clear sound. Ditto if you are looking for crystal clear sound kind Fender Twin Reverb, go your way. on the other hand, if you are looking for sounds crunchy / saturated typed vintage and matches the use you want, in the format and characteristics, I can only advise you to do lend an ear.


I use it for a few weeks.
I only tried two models before buy: Blackheart HT5 and a Bugera V5.

Compared to him, I found the Blackheart many qualities especially considering the price, but it seemed to have less personality and for me resolutely modern typed. I also found it hard to get a natural saturation at lower volume as the Hayden.
I hated the Bugera V5: I found him sound rough, very dark whatever the setting, with fine and aggressive treble. It is also impossible to find the same dynamic. I think the speaker has to be for something.

I fall for the Hayden for its looks, features and especially the tube distortion at low volumes. I preferred the head combo mainly for the look and for practical considerations, but the combo version has the same qualities and defects listed (I can not comment on the quality of the reverb though), for a hundred euros more, roughly the price of small 1x8 baffle.

It is a bit expensive compared to some of its competitors, but for me it is justified in terms of quality and features. For you to try and judge. Finally, I stress the fact that this is an amp made for practice, at home or elsewhere, who are destined to those who seek his "lights" typical vintage: it responds to specific needs, but for me it does (very) well and that's the point.