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Hayden user reviews

  • Hayden Peacemaker 60 Head

    Hayden Peacemaker 60 Head - "I don't like it, I love it!!!!!!"


    I use this amp both for rehearsals and gigs, I have it connected to a 4x12 Mrashall. I just replaced the shitty Chinese tubes it had and it's a real treat. Don't just go for a renown brand, I have also played a Bugera (which I found excellent) and…

  • Hayden Peacemaker 60 Head

    Hayden Peacemaker 60 Head - "Good but not for everything"


    60-watt Class AB all-tube amp, auto BIAS (from memory: 2 x EL34 and 4 x 12AX7). 2 channels (clean/lead) with Gain/Bass/Middle/Treble/Volume for each channel, reverb, digital chorus, 2 distinct master controls, speaker outputs: 4/8 Ohms and 16 Ohms…

Translated user reviews
  • Hayden Lil' MoFo Head

    Hayden Lil' MoFo Head - " Very good in its category"


    Amp head while 2W lamps An 8 ohm speaker output and record output A headphone output An auxiliary input that lets you send audio from an external source, such as a smartphone or MP3 and the volume is controlled by a knob 'mix' In the control…

  • Hayden 212 Compact Cab

    Hayden 212 Compact Cab - " A surprising!"


    I obtained conclude trade and even if I set a price, it will be in Canadian dollard, not very useful for my European cousins: P I use it for more than a month and I am pleasantly surprised at its performance! Connected to a 5150 full 60W lamps,…

  • Hayden MoFo 30 Head

    Hayden MoFo 30 Head - " Notice for the final time"


    All mono channel amp lamp with a 30 Watt amp button below to enter 2 Watt (for home practice) Carrying case fairly simple but practical and very short footswitch cable Just about 10 Kg Connectors: Two output: 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm two mono input a …

  • Hayden Cotton Club 15/30

    Hayden Cotton Club 15/30 - " a piece of furniture that sounds"


    All Tube amp, 2 channel 2 x 12 "hand-wired tube combo with switchable output 15/30-Watt, based on EL 84 and 12AX7 no loop, no reverb, the plywood cabinet work is very neat UTILIZATION Two channels: Channel 1: volume, treble and bass, fo…

  • Hayden Mini MoFo

    Hayden Mini MoFo - " excellent!"


    amp 15 watts class A single channel switchable to 2 watts a Stereo effects loop that I did not test So be careful not to standby lamp ... it would have a headphone jack MRIT all solid and air trs Designed to last. UTILIZATION not need man…

  • Hayden Cotton Club 15/30

    Hayden Cotton Club 15/30 - " All lamps handcrafted semi" has images


    Lamp full. 15 or 30 W switchable discretion. Openback Combo with Celestion Greenback G 2 x 12 M. 2 Channels control by foot switch: - Channel 1 volume Basic severe acute. - Canal 2 with master, presence, "Varitone" etc.. (See website Hayden…

  • Hayden Peacemaker 60 Combo

    Hayden Peacemaker 60 Combo - " I love it!"


    Class A tube amp 60Watts RMS. HP Celestion Vintage 30 types. Footswitch controls a chorus, a master volume, a boost and a channel change. USE Very easy to use. ON is very fast good rglages .. SONORITS Wide range of styles and son…

  • Hayden Peacemaker 60 Combo

    Hayden Peacemaker 60 Combo - " 60 Peacemaker head and cabinet"


    Prampli: lamps (4 x 12AX7) Amp: lamps (2 x EL34) Power: 60 Watts Baffle (s): 4 x 12 "Custom Hayden (type Celestion Vintage 30) Channels: 2 Effects: Reverb, Chorus USE I used this amp especially for the scene, and yes 60W 4X12 dpote i…