Hayden MoFo 30 Head
Hayden MoFo 30 Head

MoFo 30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hayden in the MoFo series.

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Magix Fingers 10/01/2012

Hayden MoFo 30 Head : Magix Fingers's user review

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All mono channel amp lamp with a 30 Watt amp button below to enter 2 Watt (for home practice)
Carrying case fairly simple but practical and very short footswitch cable
Just about 10 Kg
Connectors: Two output: 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm
two mono input a U.S. (more modern) and UK (more vintage)
An entry facade Y (stereo) for the effects loop
And 1 output for the boost back cover (MOFO)
Knobs (in facade) Mofo (switchable only), Gain, Middle, Bass, Treble, Presence, Master


use very simplistic sound is simply whatever a little searching I found that the bass is very present and the knob is not used much, but he can be a hassle to me not to be taken literally
MOFO using the boost switch that is usable but is very effective against by using it with an external attenuator adds grain even in light damage without attenuator does not distort the sound so its function is very usable especially appriorie I live is not tested but we will have an extension or another switch or as little cable.
I had no manual, but it is findable on the internet and anyway we do not need.


I will see overall opinion on this tab for the sound very clear but once the lights changed then I can not


Basically you have what I thought the ideal that is lightweight (easily transportable thanks to its bag) powerful 30 Watt all-tube playable at home thanks to its position and 2 Watt Boost for Live because I think this essential and so good option especially if its not distort the
In addition, the fact of having a single channel we say that the sound will work better and for a purist like me, ie using only one channel clear and well-trained to take pedals like a TS9 one fuzz tremolo reverb delay and chorus.
All these combination compatible sound and everything works except the sound of the amp does not suit me against the boost by enclanché I think the color and warmth arrives
To explain everything I'd videos via youtube: www.youtube.com/magixfingers91100
Can I change the lamps in the hope that they were very tired or very bad qualities are all so it will not hurt the amp and putting lamps best quality while this will make the sound will be much better
Besides, if someone want to advise on the selection of lamps you be welcomed.
Magix fingers