Hayden 212 Compact Cab
Hayden 212 Compact Cab

212 Compact Cab, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Hayden.

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khaivan_ya 02/09/2014

Hayden 212 Compact Cab : khaivan_ya's user review

«  A surprising! »

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I obtained conclude trade and even if I set a price, it will be in Canadian dollard, not very useful for my European cousins: P

I use it for more than a month and I am pleasantly surprised at its performance!

Connected to a 5150 full 60W lamps, 2 "eminences governor 75W" give us the desired performance. Power and definition are at the rendezvous. The cab is stuck nothing can affect his future. Strange to light, I am surprised when I hear the sound. Because of its légèretée I greatly doubt its performance lol

I play punk, metal, and I like to play ska on the clean and I assure you that this cab (cabinet) makes very good and on all styles. It just take the good stuff behind (guitar and amp) and voila!