Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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All user reviews for the Mesa Boogie Road King Head

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 11 reviews )
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goldorack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King Head
All Tube Amp: 2 4 6L6 and EL34 tubes for power, five 12AX7 tubes for lamps and 2 pramplification 5U4 grinders. The total power of the can (all power tubes select) is 120 watts. In other words, 120 watts at mesa, a cause.
Rglages level, the front was four independent channels with individual master prsence, bass, mids, treble and gain + 3 "voicing" DIFFERENT: Clean, Fat and Tweed for channel 1, Clean, Fat Brit and for channel 2, and Raw, Vintage and Modern for channels 3 and 4. With everything I will add a master and a gnral knob Solo (Masters supplmentaire for solis. Rear Facing is the collection of pots and has nothing to be afraid trs. But in fact, trs simple if you spare each channel: select the pair of power tubes (2 6L6, EL34 2, 2 + 2 EL34 6L6, 6L6 4 and 4 + 2 6L6 EL34 , Mix the effects loop (shuffled the basic sound and sound modified by the effects processor), choice of ct o the sound goes out into the 4x12 cabinet (right, left or 2) and finally activation of two effects loops. Pfff ... I'm done with it all moii! it's not over yet: there are all the connectors to connect the head Necessary for a Systm MIDI complex, four pots of rverb indpendants (1 per channel please) speakers and outputs 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Finally, a very nice switch which reduces the power of amp (bold / spongy).
I forget so sure it is complete. Nothing is missing, and if anyone thinks that if the guitarist is the most difficult of all time.


As I labeled above, the use is so easy that the number of rglages frightens the beginners. The pots bass, mids, treble, and gain prsence are highly effective. Screams the sound right away. It is difficult to play trs low volume.


The prsence and treble are determined to the sound. The gain is really enough for the Distortion channel. For my part, I love having a sufficient gain Reserved amp even if I do not use it. I RULES gain of about 6.5 / 7 for my 10's most violent. (The Road King has more gain than the Dual Rectifier, I certify)
Channel 1: super clear sound crystal-clear, clear sound or large type blues / jazz, or clean sound with a bit more body than the first for solis slammin.
Channel 2: the first 2 are the same, and the 3rd is the essence of the british crunch.
Channel 3 and 4: crunch pushed drooling and oozing, and his solo vintage Submitted compress, and finally distortion standard, aggressive and powerful.
On each channel, select the appropriate lamps either for power or correction. Basically, the EL34 tubes provide a tight, aggressive, with a tight grain. The 6L6 has a more friendly, more "bottom end". For grinders, 5U4 give more heat and bite and silicon diodes will bring the guitar in the 4th dimension of aggressive distortion. NO may be the guitarist. There are all the sounds. Indeed I take this opportunity to correct one thing: the Road King does not copy the other amps (like a POD), but part of its dual emmne correct and the 4 corners of the world of ITS.
I play mtal mainly, but not the ultra violent. I love the guitar technique Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert etc. I play on two IBANEZ, a prestigious team in DiMarzio Steve Special and Air Norton and a Jem 10th anniversary team as well sr DiMarzio Evolution. The head is connected a 4x12 cabinet Mesa Boogie Rectifier (I have not had the chance to have the Road King cabinet, but good dj's not bad). This amp gives me the (s) sound (s) I have always looked and I do not say is to reassure me by slamming in a 4000 amp as some might think. I love the mesa base. I tried lots of other, no one like me scotch road king.


I've had a year and a half. I still can not have that sound. I love everything about this amp, including the finish and look irrprochable pro. As I said dj, I tried normment other (heads, pramplis racks, pedals anything that gives a guitar sound almost). Before I had a couple Triaxis and 2 / 90. It made me much less if it's even more top dj. The Road King has the advantage of the efficiency and simplicity of a head. The report quality price may appear zero. I said to myself, 4000, never buy anything in amp and be Fully satisfied, I feel a right even if I agree that there even when the abuse of the intermdiaires certainly that same mesa them.
I hsiter referrer that choice without a single moment. If I could, I made 60 of 10 for the note.
I take this opportunity to spend a rant: of late, since the cardboard immense mesa boogie dual with their correct, you can read all the time critics of free mesa. The fact that this amp is the most used in the world does not mean that it is just right for small scratch like Brad Delson (Linkin Park) or other guitarists Black mtal who do not solo, but rather it is a prestige amp Reserved musicians who are all targeting the power and effectiveness of their sound. In my humble opinion, these criticisms nent of people who must be frustrated not to have the means to buy these amps! Mesa Boogie cr history of rock and its mtal the same way as Marshall (even if unfortunately Most recent internship out of the British firm had to). Yes guys! whatever is said on mesa or marshall, they cr guitar sounds the most beautiful, all brands have taken for REFERENCE to shape their own sound. Some firms offer amp heads with 2 channels and 4000 TRS little option, sometimes with sound limits, and we will say that the price of a Road King is such a shame .. . or that the correct dual head amp is a ball! The Gibson Les Paul prices are also trs levs (sometimes the price of a small car) but no one questions these guitar legends. Most of you scratch your cds Listen prfrs play on legendary amps Mesa Boogie or Marshall. RESPECT THEN MEN!