Nameofsound Custom Amp 100

Nameofsound Custom Amp 100

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Custom Amp 100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Nameofsound.

6 user reviews
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Nameofsound Custom Amp 100 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Nameofsound
  • Model: Custom Amp 100
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 06/23/2010

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Nameofsound Custom Amp 100 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Value For Money :

guigui01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"An extreme and versatile amp"

Nameofsound Custom Amp 100
To begin, I would like to remind that in NOS, everything is custom, the type of power tubes, the sound itself, through the number of channels.
So mine has 4 EL34 power lights, a clear channel and channel distortion, a noise gate and built a switch back to go from 100W to 50W and an effects loop.
Each channel has a volume, gain, EQ acute low, medium,. The distortion channel has an additional sweep button.
For the power unit: 2 volumes (the 2nd volume is added to the first, which makes it easy to boost solos), a presence and a rumble).
All this is very complete, and perfectly matches my expectations, so I put 10.


So for this amp, no manual, but hey, if you know turn buttons, I think we can get away ;) After, simply trusting his ears to find the sound that suits us . A small light indicating which channel it is directly on the head would have been a little more, but it's history quibble.
The sweep button is the ultimate weapon of channel distortion. Basically if you dig or if it boosts the mids, with the sweep button is varied this hollow or the bump of low mids to high mids.
The presence knob boosts the treble, and the rumble button reinforces the bass.


I play this amp now for September 2012, I waited all this time to post a review to be the most critical and can not put a comment in the euphoria of beginning.
I use this head with 4x12 cabinet NOS V30 that goes with it.

This amp is perfectly suited to the style of music I play. My group is made of tinted hardcore thrash metal, and this amp has nothing to envy the big brands, quite the contrary. My friend guitarist also has a NOS, and whether repeated, concert or recording, 2 amps OUR blend to perfection, without a breath by the other or more guitar before . We have a relatively fat sound, and even then, the bassist remains audible and very present.

Once it cleared point of his talk more precisely. I play this head with different guitars (Jackson, Gibson, Capelli) all equipped with bareknuckle pickups.

Let's start with channel 1. For my part, I like clean tones that are borderline cruncher. The fact that the channel has a gain 1, one can obtain very crystalline or sounds by pushing the gain get cool enough crunch. I'm not a big fan of clean sounds, but it perfectly meets all the expectations we may have, be it a rather warm vintage sound or a more accurate and modern sound.

In terms of the channel 2. The gain of channel 2 starts where one stops on channel 1. It is therefore a crunch pushed up mountains saturations. The sound can be sculpted at will thanks to the sweep button, and even digging mediums, in group play, the amp is present and audible, which is not the case with all amps. With the equalizer, the rumble and the presence results in a multitude of excellent / great sound, whether fat, precise, everyone can find his account, provided you take the time to trituer all buttons in all sense. Because with the sweep button without changing setting, it radically changes the sound of the amp.
Afterwards, there was grain NOS. OUR grain is sound Thick, but still accurate and incisive, but very argneux defined. Love it or do not, personally, I love and that is also what pushed me to take this head.

To this point I can only put 10 because the amp was designed by Gerard listening to my requests and expectations, so it perfectly meets all what I expected.
I had the chance to go to the shop to find this amp before buying. So I had a full demonstration by Gerard. Although this amp is very suitable for metal, I was bleuffé by extensive accessible by the head registers pallet: you can play very bold and very punchy rock, rockabilly, rock old school. Everything goes!


I use since September 2012, as a group. I repeat every week with, I did concerts, recording, and I still love the sound it delivers.
After seeing that it is the custom, I recommend get in touch with Gerard NOS to try and discuss with him the sounds you want, he will listen and advise.
Before buying this amp I have used a Marshall EL34 power amp 100x100 in which I connected a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp, Marshall JMP1 a Engl E530 and a Hughes & Kettner Trilogy head all on different speakers: Randall 2x12 in V30, Ibanez 4x12, 4x12 Hughes & Kettner V30.
I never found the sound quality before, with so many sonic possibilities.

In summary, I would say that if it again, I would not hesitate to take the plunge. It is not more expensive than the big American brands, and it's just as good a job for the made in France. Gerard is primarily a guitarist, so he knows the requirements of guitarists.

I am not 10, because Gerard is all the time trying to design its new amps and so I know he can do even better: D

cirbek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Nameofsound Custom Amp 100
connectivity on demand, it is the custom
140W power
settings bass / mid / treble for clear sound
ditto for the overdrive channel plus a "rumble", a "presence", a "gain" and a "sweep"
the simple and effective, no etatonnage for hours to find THE sound that you need


config and so simple ... there APAS need user manual
no difficulties it has to ring the fire god


perfect for the punk rock I do, but mostly in general use by "metalheads" ...
I use it on bass, and I get clear sound in a medium well, as you can get with an amp like "HIWATT", and with distortion distortion ... it's huge greasy, perfect for boost when there's need ..
I use it with a fender precision of 72.
there's nothing to throw into this amp, sometimes I plug the guitar top is the happiness of the time I was ready other bassists on stage, that of good reviews too ...
it's a big sound bobn lamps, period


with over 100 concerts in 2 years
I played on before: trace eliot, swr, Sovtek, sunn ... and tried a billion things
value for money at the top, I was torn between that and a Hiwatt, well I've saved over € 500, I have something new, and more with an overdrive channel .. that you ask for?
in hindsight, if I had to make that choice, I will redeem one (but I will keep the same when first hehe)

axoa.killer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of the killing!"

Nameofsound Custom Amp 100
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?

Bah ... Lamp (my head so one sided with a diode rectification and more ...)

What is the power delivered?

100 W

What connection?

Input, effect loop, footswitch, speaker outputs from 4 to 16 ohms, etc ...

What are the settings, the effects? ...

This is the 3 channel model (equa part for clean and another for common Leads 2) after the rumble and sweep (which are explained below) and finally the classic button presence

There is the option which limits the noise gate breath

No frills ... but nothing is missing! Then we just always want more ...

For me it's 10 because nothing is missing ...


The configuration is it simple?

yes ... and no ... I explain the model has three channels, in addition to the 2 channel version, 2 buttons (the gain and channel volume "crunch") they were not provided at the base they are not ideally placed .. . But once we understand what a button correspont which channel, no worries! The rumble and sweep are very efficient so they act on their enormenent (after all is what they are asked!)

Do you get a good sound easy?

yes but I would say we get a good variety of sounds! The settings of the equalizer and the famous rumble and sweep are very effective ... Then we may not like the grain ... (but this will explain ??!!!)

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

What manual! No need, after all, it's not a Mesa Mark V. ..

10 ... despite the time to familiarize myself with the buttons of gain / volume ...


Right for your style of music?

Yes! nothing to add ...!

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

Ibanez JEM 77 of 95 and an ESP MII standard (Seymuor) mainly
I have a Multi Roland JP100 but I separated the benefit of a G major (the GP100 me distorts the sound and so for now I play with no effect ... which allowed me to make a true idea of ​​the beast!)

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?

I admit that I was afraid for his clear finalemnt but I am not disappointed! You just have to dose the gain of this channel because it quickly crunch (it just be the output level of my microphone ...) After it is a matter of adjustment but it suits me, I expect see what it's going to give the G major to add a pet chorus / reverb)

According to the crunch and saturated sounds are just perfect (for me at least!) Gain of madness, and above all (and it is my MO RDIAL PRI) a precision of another world! For it is the foot palm mute! I tried the mesa and that was my biggest complaint is c'estt edge ca ... not drool to fall short!

It allows you to play rock to metal easily the most wicked!

And to think I have more quen a Marshall 1922 cabinet ...

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate

I prefer ... all!

... I hate when turned off!

10 ... QED


How long have you use it?

I recently ... but since one month ... it's love at first sight!

What is so special that you like most and least?

This is the first amp that I play live, instead, gives in (without having to square one!) Without effect and without that I say that something is missing!

I hate to give a speaker worthy of the name (probably a NOS ... necessarily) my good old 1922 is probably not the most suitable (it comes out that's something)

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes the mesa (mark V ...), the correct marshall (old and recent)
How would you rate the quality / price?

He deserves to cost more! Seriously, mine is second-hand and the prices are more qu'atrayant given the quality of the material (OUR home in general) enjoy you never know one day people will realize it's worth much more!
With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Guess :-)

aller...9.99/ seems that nothing is perfect! (I round to 10 good anyway)

Papa No (s) el one day if you could get a model with three channels each have their equalization ... I would put 12/10 ;-)

bidoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Nameofsound Custom Amp 100
Everything is decided with Gerard exchanging mails and like it.
I was looking for a head 2 channels to play 80% of time at home, so I thought direct me to version 50W. In the end I opted for the 100W version EL34 with 2 master volumes achievable by footswitch. A serial effects loop: out in preamp power amp.
The cab is a NOS 2 x Celestion V30 horizontal Gerard has the good idea to tilt the front which improves circulation.
Overall build quality is excellent, very clean finish and packaging for delivery is done seriously.


The advantage of this amp is to have the right controls the right endoit:) I mean that each channel is équalo musical color changes are gradual, the frequencies of each band very well positioned. On the lead channel is a control that adjusts the sweep band lyrics, you can not tell if it's just a frequency sweep or more advanced in terms of changing the filter but the result is a great tool to sculpt your sound . Finally, the power section has two parameters and presence rumble, the first working high frequencies and the second the low end. These two controls allow to have a clear sound with very low patient volume, high-performance I rumble down if my house collapses;)
So exit the 60 buttons / switches of Mesa, where it is in the simple elegance of having a musical instrument before him, the configuration is simplified, but the sounds available are extensive.


My guitars: Les Paul Std Start Elcery Xavier Petit Vigier exca custom in Seymour, Ibanez Sabre EMG

The clean channel ... and although it is clear ^ ^. It ranges from slapping the crystalline crunch well pissed. Also thanks to équalo you can navigate between sounds muffled, clacking .... The dynamics are excellent (also playing with the volume on your guitar reacts very well), the identity of your guitars is respected and that the cash fine pedals. My home Xotic AC booster allows me to have a third channel and it sounds super good.
The lead channel ... pffff the slap, the slap. One starts with a big rock to his well AC / DC stuff up sick. It does not bleed, it's just hot right thing, it feels really work lamps. If you go the traditional power chords with more then 2 notes;) while still very intelligible. Harmonics just waiting to burst.
To get tested or owned the following amps: Fender Twin, Orange Tiny Valvesate Marshall, JCM900, POD, MarkIV Mesa, Diezel VH4, Custom Audio OD100SE, head our finishes before the others. It has its own character, some would say JCM800 under amphetamine, the other CA French, I do not know if we can go in this type of comparison in any case it sounds.


Super happy with the amp and guidance of Gerard. I confess that when he told me to play with a 100W home I stressed a bit, I know amps often lose their ability to deliver the sound at low volume, and there it is !!!!!
So I play much more than before ^ ^ because I have the sound I was looking for and I can register the night without waking the whole neighborhood. The day I turn up the volume and I kifffffffe. Upstream I put a compressor Diamond is a killer, an AC boost, a wha Custom Audio and loop a MXR Carbon Copy and a reverb Strymon. With that I see coming quietly my old days, finished the quest stuff, I found what I needed, just have to make music now. Thank you Gerard.

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