Orange Rocker 30H
Orange Rocker 30H

Rocker 30H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rocker 30 series.

All user reviews for the Orange Rocker 30H

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 10 reviews77 %
 3 reviews23 %

Berzin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Rocker 30H
All Tube amp head. Everything t dj said two channels, etc..

I find it unfortunate that Orange has not cracked an effects loop. I think it's missing on this amp CHARACTERISTICS. A switch would also shine on the t good clean sound. The pdalier is not provided. Wrong point. I found a cheap and pdalier Marshall galre the vogue.
Otherwise, it's built like a tank, with an Aesthetics somewhat outdated, but endearing.


It's a basic amp trs. What could be simpler to use? No need to book.
It sounds IMMEDIATE. Do not worry, it's not a gas plant and all rglages sound good.


This receiver is intended to blues, traditional rock, or even to-hard, as it is true that no lack of gain. The sound is typical trs can not appeal:
Canal-natural (clear). The sound is pretty slamming and hot. I t surprised by its quality. This kind of amplifier is more to his fate srement crunch and saturated but the clean sound is excellent. Small reserve, with some guitars, the sound can be a bit dark. A t rgalge brightness would welcome, at worst just put an equalizer in the loop ... oh no, there is no ... This channel takes pedals well. By keeping the bottom, with a attnuateur, I get an extra crunch, DIFFERENT from that of the dirty canal.
Dirty-Channel (saturation). As the name suggests, it's a happy dirty enough fuzz, with a snapping attack well and a lot of gain. Start with one, you get rich crunch, though grimey. With Gibson, distortionne strong, but I like the least (it's got a case), I prfre, like the Vox, a guitar with single coil.
Note that it does not like the low volume. For my part, I have an al attnuateur and rolls.


I have five months. I used mainly for a bluesy crunch very dirty, the rest I have other amps. I like his style, its simplicity its sound and strong. I regret the absence of the loop and pdalier not supplied is a bit petty. The ratio quality price is right, however, had to guard her and CHARACTERISTICS. Before him, I had a bunch of amps (Marshall, Vox, Bogner, VHT, Fender, Crate, Koch ...). I do not regret the purchase.

jems64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Rocker 30H
-30W All Tube Amps (3 x 2 x ECC83 EL34)
-Output: 1 x 16ohms, 2 x 8ohms.
-15kg approx
1canal-clean (natural): a volume knob
1canal-height: volume, gain, eq
Lack can be a reverb (and again ...)


Sound good live!
No brainer.
Manuel? What is this?

Enough said.


-I play it with a gibson sg junior, a fender telecaster lite ash fender and jagstang.
-For effects I use only a boss ds-1.
Baffle-marshall 1960a

For the clean-it really depends on the guitar used but in general it fast enough crunch (which is not displease me).

Canal-height: Absolutely wonderful, a well british. It's going to the small crunchy granny dirty up well on which Kurt Cobain could not craché.bref everything goes brilliantly (the death metal I have not tried it but its a good pedal should do).
It is usually quite vintage (more than rockerverb50 and 100).


Its been about 2 years that I have.
No one cares (I often lug around).
For the price they may still provide the footswitch (which I later bought on a whim as a standard works well on it).
I would do without hesitation that choice (although the AD30 is not bad either).

gossip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Rocker 30H
30 watts all-tube head
A guitar from a switch between
2 HP 1 x 16 ohms 8ohms
clean: volume
Dirty: volume, 3 band eq gain


No need for manual rglant even in the random sound is always good!


It can really play all styles thanks to the channel saturation dlivre of crunches to die and fall are a distos
To clean it is really nice but depending on the type used guitar (personal marriage to the tele is beautiful!)


I use it for a few days before but I tinyterror and there are all these sounds with more potato
As against the marriage does not happen with all the speakers' essay on Bafle vox: no top on a peavey Bafle not well at all, for ds against the baffle is mounted in Celestion Vintage 30: the top !)
The sound is really typical or dtest ador this amp: I love it!