Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 29 reviews )
 13 reviews45 %
 10 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
 5 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" And God created the poo"

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
I think everything has already been said for this section. But I was pleasantly surprised to finish the outside, I did not open his head.


In absolute terms, we can say that the controls react logically, making it easier to grip with this material. I've never read the manual, and no users I know do not read.

Several failures before the final blowout two years of use. We never get a good sound.


Here is where I want to dwell for a moment. What's that fucking joke!?

Imagine a tube amp that sounds like a transistor amp. I exaggerate but can.

One finds, in the transitions that are typical of acute architecture any lamp. But the list of benefits ends LA! The overall sound is tight, with a trend a little messy, even very depending on the settings. The dynamic is ridiculous, this head huge commitment. The guitar sound is unpleasantly changed. The unpleasantly sharp scratching, the basses are slobbering.

Add to this a little natural distortion that has this side "aluminum box in tune" amplifiers cheap manufactured with the worst crap. Sprinkle the whole with a crunch and you'll get tortured ....

Tadaaaaa ... one of the WORST tube amps I've tried so far in this category.

Only thing that saves. The fate of the trail is clean with an acceptable result. Yes, it is even beautiful when it adds a little reverb.


Unfortunately, yes dear Audiofanzine. I tried a lot of amps, and it did not at all convinced. Add to this the problems of reliability and LETHAL EXPLOSION FINAL end of life and you understand that I can not recommend to do shit with crap like that.

You will be ruined or really desperate to play on this thing. Say, for beginning and have 100w lamps, it can be an argument. Similarly, if you want to connect to large distortions, it also quite calmly cash. But we're really in the worst of the worst in all lamps. I am tempted, after this test, the note back Hughes & Kettner Warp7 I dealt with very harshly at the time. It definitely sounds better than the ValveKing.

I STRONGLY recommend the purchase occasion, except if the seller guarantees the year.
Another detail that will surely interest you. Two other groups also had this head in our region. None has been able to have more than two years. In both cases, a major breakdown occurred in this period.

keuch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
All-tube amp, we see them shining even the rear is very nice
100 watts, but not very powerful for a 100 watts, not much has struck a mesa boogie and I think a vox ac 30 rival without difficulty ....
complte hyper connectivity, among 2, an effects loop, 2 speaker outputs with adjustable impdence, it lacks a master but I think I put a volume pedal in the loop effect and it is similar.
All full of rglages a rverb, gain boost and / or volume snap the foot, it is particularly interesting, you can really use it as a 3 channel amp. 9 is due to the lack of master ....


The config is simple but it is a bit difficult at the beginning to find the right sound. with the presence of rglage and rsonnance, it allows you to vary the sound much bass or treble and plus button to the rear which allows be in class A or AB ( or simulate everything, I did not really understand how to work), the result is really impressive. help find the manual 2 departure sounds, clean, rock, metal ... it helps much.


I play a bit of everything, blues, gospel, rock and I like the Mtal (I have a musicman petrucci ...) and in all registers is excellent.
One can get absolutely all types of sounds, nothing is impossible this amp. this amp has a great dynamic and sounds are never aggressive (well, if you know rgler an amp!)
Attention: note like account price, even when it is not a mesa, but I had enough for me for now!


I've had already at least a week ... lol ok, not much recoil. I tried in stores, backwards because of the reviews I read on here ... I tried all possible amps I believe, and I dsesprai as little financial means acqurir for the amp of my dreams .... what I like about this amp is its price, its quality versatility, dynamics etc. not fault it in light of all these criteria. I was playing on a Pod X3 Live, and then on a 21 tech tri ac, and frankly, it's night and day, I finally a REAL SOUND !!!!! This is excellent! I will continue always dreaming of a Mesa Boogie Mark IV, but as I have not put it in a 2500 amp, I will keep the l. I play on a harley benton 2 * 12 vintage 30, I can assure that I have no problem bass, they are presents but not invasive!
good, I leave this notice to tell everyone has worth to try this amp, and that 100 watts will not make it unusable in daily life, if only one is in house, because I appart understand that a can GNER neighbors.

doodb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
All-100W lamp 46l6gc for power stage, three 12AX7 preamp for the floor of
-Effects loop series
-2 HP output with common switch 8 April 16 ohm
-2 Guitar input
Reverb-a ressord with his knob (common to the two channels)
-2 Channels (clean and Cunche / overdrive / saturax) EQ with bass / med / high / master channel
-1 Knob for the presence of two channels
-1 Knob of resonance for the two channels
-1 Bright switch for clean (very effective)
-1 Gain boost switch for channel 2
-1 Volume boost switch for channel 2

what more? for the price: nothing, absolutely a third channel and a master general. 10 for this award because I never found as complete


We can not get more simple: you turn the knobs and the sound is the hop!


This is where the product is exeptionnel:
I manage a group of death that uses this oriental head (I know very well). 100W bcp wonders if it's enough, and listen at the time when we played at the leather I had the combo 50w grateux branch on 4x12: no problem for sound to the room!! by repeating the same time, they covered the drummer tappe yet frankly on its battery. since they are upgrading to 100W head and is the drummer who demand lower scratch ....
for rendering: as said before they play the death, and that's more than enough! the sound is warm and generous saturax, and clean, well nothing to complain it is indeed clean and very clean.
Now my personal config is mesa recto preamp + + mess 2:90 rctifier mesa 2x12 and well although I prefer my two cents (but it is matter of taste) saturax send less than the head. I also played on a Dual Rectifier and just like the more saturated ValveKing. for the grain ValveKing and less burdensome and less fat, less dark and can be a bit more "clean". it lacks, compared to the engl (I played on a 580 year pdt) or boogie, a bit of dynamic roundness and clean. but it's not day and night.
the head, compared to the price, is the best market leader, and far far away !!!!! if you want better you must let go at least 3 to 4x more tunes ...
the grain is neither better nor worse than other brands, the grain peavey (a lamp, anything to do with TransTube) must love. I personally am not a fan but I am far from alergies. again I think this head sounds much better and is more versatile than a 5150!! for the fans ...
for the trouble I put a 10/10 (because it's impossible to 25) because at this price is simply Hauris!! no one can invent to do better or even as the performance of peavey! hats off frankly.


When you have not yet tube amp and that the budget is tight and you want an all-tube head, whatever the musical style, a guarantee 2 years 3 € 500 must be taken that the!
if you're fickle like me with the grain of the amp you can afford to go to the other (unless you like the peavey grain)
well it's going to be another big one in perfect 10/10 for peavey

ps: I want to say all the same I am a true break my balls with her! and yet this peavey is a must and I think I'll pay just parcequ'elle is great, I recall that I get to play at all boogie!!

hop and a little edit of families
I just got an MP congratulated me on my opinion. is not accrue on the net in general so I'm going to see what was said on this amp .....
then it will have to stay correct when even the guys! we have the right not to like a particular gear, but the purpose of notice is to try to be objective to give an indicator. qqn wants to buy it if you must sanita before !!!!!! (It can not appeal on that) but that this head is shit ... I prefer not to answer correctly to stay.
I'm going for a year on a mesa roadster + 4x12 correct. Although I prefer by far my mesa (matter of taste only), and good for the quality / price I would note (the mesa) although much less ValveKing!
1000 I maintain my opinion on both the head absolutely impeccable scholarship refers to a necessary purchase.

slimjim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Amp any lamp 4lampes power lamps and 3 preamp
-It is a 100watt so it spits out to ca no need to worry
Clear channel and channel-saturated, two distinct EQ, a master reverb, a presence knob and a resonance: the resonance is super helpful I think! knob and also a "bright" on the clean channel, I get a personal best in his Inrush

I put 8 / 10 because we expect it to something special +!


Configuration super-simple: with any guitar or baffle which is located on the sound we are trying, everything is clear and precise!
We get easily a good sound, even if we tickle a little distortion to get what you want


-The sound is very warm, responsive and incisif.en pushing a little volume you can feel the big sound of the lamps
I would say that the sound is quite clear round to see if using fat not the "bright" but if you use it you get something more crystalline but still round and still warm
It is a good disto disto big you like them, missing more than Seymour Duncan or EMG behind


I have for some months now I find it very versatile and very cheap for an all-tube head of this quality there is a really great price / quality ratio. I had a marshall jtm before the sound is different but not necessarily better in one or other of the amplifiers. it's a good series that peavey has released contrary to what others think. One has the lamps for a small sum. buy a transistor at the same price or even 2x more expensive you will ever inimitable sound of the lamps. but I insist that the lamps and lights when you pass it back over into the transistor believe me!

9 / 10 for this amp because its not the best amps lamp that's for sure, but a great value for money. and then just have a good HP or change behind the lights and it's good you have an amp to hell!

pollux212's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Said below.
This is an entry-level amps.
amp all-tube, should be specified. but some who tested below do not know aparamen not use this feature.
jm'expliquerai after.


The settings are fast, there is direct what you're looking.
The equalizer is really good, the frequencies are shaped to perfection.
short, not rocket science.
is not a single knob to no avail, all are clear.
over the course of buttons, is really long, which allows for extreme versatility.


The CLEAN is warm, round, worthy of a tube amp, is not to say. after, only purists will find a way to get cash, but I want to say: molo guys, it's a "outset", just not disgusted ki ones can not afford rectify a triple, peavey tt lamp or other ...
entry here means that it is not perfect. c a fact!
but not in the clear.

Personally, I trèèèès the big sound, a mix of death metal, thrash metal beam that! blast it dry!
So JMI connai pa mal saturation and I am looking for a sharp and burr san!
pr back to the beginning, this is a correct pa, but a tt c Kamemi lamps!
ki are those used with the vehicle's gross distortion, find the fat, heavy, slightly Péchu ...
yes, but if you decide to clear the channel coupled with a good distortion pedal for metal muff-type or other tube preamp, you will get a sound as powerful if not more than a mesa! forget the marshall, c exceeded at this stage, although c tro powerful.
pr say, I tested in parallel, a Laboga Mr Hector, and ValveKing + metal muff, and after a few seconds SETTINGS, I managed to find the same sound a little closer!
jfai outside the pub in May for those pa ki have big budget, do not hesitate, ValveKing with a distortion pedal of his not cost autan k'un mesa, but it sounds like!

short the resulting distortion, there's a grain precise, sharp, bright, punchy, with good palmutes well supported.

I put all the same 7 / 10 c psk not sound gross amp either.


I tested both moult in store, with friends, and c true that saturated gross shit, but after lots of testing with the effects of different distos, I managed to use the grain of lamps their advantage! is a characteristic not to leave aside!
for an entry level head, there really means to lay a more than adequate.
I have a pr randall head now, it costs 100 € more, but a hybrid c. I still sound clean with a metal muff, but next to the Peavey ValveKing, c dla really cheap!
the sound is less accurate above.
So I counted to wait and pay me a big Krankenstein, but it is pointless o final, it was better for less! even if a little c compliké get the sound! At the same tps, fo really be a nozzle not do it lol!

So the purists, keep your comments jvoi pa how little to impersonate a pro without actually tested all the possibilities of an amp.
Budget, do not hesitate, go test it, take your time, pair it with whatever you can, and I'm sure you'll find it ke. (And more expensive in pa!)
And finally any kind of metal fan, go for it, c of the killing (kan is known to use it! Lol, ha purists! You seriously makes me laugh!)

Sebouze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Dj t * Have nuncios below.


Very simple, no worries over the ...
but almost no effect on the sound.


Plutt I am a fan of big sound, I had not deny. But I spend at nothing. Jazz, funk, fusion, Death, Hardcore from under the cellar ...
I play PLO team in Dimarzio ...
And bin l. .. nothing ...
The clean sound is nothing transcendent (I prfres that of my Marshall 100 MDF is to say)
The distortion, then the button on the bottom ... it is dirty, a drooling everywhere, no precision, no heat, no envelope ... a big dception.


I tried it 3 times in the store, hoping that every time I could have a positive opinion on this "tube amp" ...
3 times of ... and more time passed, the more important dception silent.
I did not pay me the scholarship for a correction ... Too bad but I'll wait ...
Nase this amp is, quite simply. I sound better with my pod and my marshall (yet I do not like the sound marshall ...)
It really has the image of the entry-level ... So yes, it's not expensive, but it's bad.
I strongly deprecated ... leaves a choice of peavey, both turn to the Classic Series (the sound was!)

A big dception at any point ... at the same time, not surprisingly at this price and we understand why the mesa the tape so much ... in both cases is the same, the price is justified ...
A wrong from peayvey SERIES with this ... damage

chavezchavez2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
"It is an amplifier 100 watts lamps ... not much else to say
-2 Channels: clean and lead, and volume qualisation indpendante, rverb common prsence and resonance are also adjustable gnrale

I take off one point because a master volume would be welcome but does good for c'que agne ...


Rglages-simple understanding
-This gives a good sound, yes, clean and fat distortion of simpa barbarian is a high gain amp, but hey in the end it fits well trs.
-I did not have the manual but its only usefulness would be to explain the buttons can be the back of the head.
No problem so that the ct


-I am above all a fan of big heavy riffs and crases so this amp satisfies me completely. If you love mtal and want an amp not too expensive, the ValveKing 100 is for you.
I use it for the moment with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and despite his sound too round, he spends too much !!!!!
Trs-clear sound good, multiple colors are possible by pressing a bit bright but then slammed a can be for arpges Gnant Live
The lead sound is I think the highlight of this amp, Destroyer, Laminator, Bulldozer, ITS PORK! It is a distortion that fits me as a guitarist in a metal band.
The default is, at least it seems that this amp is fragile because of its manufacturing Korene but I advise you not to listen those dscendent this amp because they are either purists or they amp were wrong or they did test a few hours.
-My sound is the lead prfr: mtal it and it is in your face!

Okay so even if the recess is strong mtal, this amp lacks lightweight potato for its purpose of being silent Polyval (I hate that word) and the lack lightweight amp gain but it's still honorable!


So I use it for 1 month and even if it has its limitations, is the bomb for me (I have not my LTD Eclipse 1000 so I hate to see c'qu'elle ar Ellement in the stomach).
I find that the reverb is an asset that makes this amp REALLY practice but it has a heavy tendency to saturate the treble, especially on the lead channel (Obviously ^ ^)
"I tried a good old vintage marshall amp and a correct Spanish style: the marshall had a better clean amp and" rectify "a better distortion but with a better proportional wallet.
-I think the report is qualitprix Hon.
If j'devais-back, I would do as well this choice because the sound that the power of sound propagation ARE DISCLAIMER!

kenshiro_70's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Dja all is said, watching others opinions
I put 9 because I find it unfortunate that there is a reverb knob for both channels


Bon bin in terms of the use is not really complicated, two channels, one clean lead an equalizer with a treble / middle / bass for everyone. Just connect it to let heat lamps and go! For my part, I can not say that I find the On success has IMMEDIATE DSIR's because I do not have the esseyer filled before buying and it's just not be the 'IDAL for my style (fusion, heavy). otherwise qualo are effective enough, turn the sound changes. the texture knob located derrire the head and the buttons prsence / rsonance are a bit superfluous, but for someone like me who likes to take the head to find the sound, it's pretty nice!


Finally, this is where I really have something to say. Prcedemment As mentioned, the style of my group takes a lot of fusion and a little heavy. A purchase of this I was looking for a filled well with a heavy gain pronounce (modern hi gain) and the first test ... dception, even pushing the gain by cutting the bottom and middles, the vk is sorely lacking in bulk. the impression that I had a quiet distortion "big rock", but no metal. outside of my group I play a lot of rock like acdc, gun's ... and also a lot of blues and filled in against the really impress me! spend 30 seconds on the canl lead and a well rockies immdiatemment comes out! the distortion is really enjoyable and 5 below provides an overdrive that I especially love rock! When the blues, bah ... say that his dpanne but not the vk is tailer for this kind of music.
Now move to the clean channel. I esseyer before vk spider2 a head + body (line6) and a engl combo that had 15 good years pass. I'm still a beginners in the world of music but I would like someone to explain even how to find that the lme of vk is cold and personable! ds the first chord, I love it, I find that the lights do their job well vraimment namely rounded off the sound and give it heat. the reverb can embellish everything but I think it's not really ncessaire (at least for me) + not super great. or nothing else to say. its been almost 5 months I use a Squier Stratocaster (I know, there are better ...) and Bafle ValveKing. in terms of Bafle I agree with those who think it does just not the best rendering and aileurs I v not be changing mine. Finally I would like to reassure those who think he will never play their big wild riff on that filled him as a good sticky qualiseur in the effects loop (it's great practice) we obtain the sound Pork search and send it! its been one week that I was sticking a MXR M108 and this gem pti has provided exactly what was missing in the vk. I put a 7 because of its versatility, which supposedly is not at all l.


In conclusion, I would say that this is really filled with the rock but have potential makes it really interresting. qualitprix the report is one of the best on the market are made all atractivit and I think especially the young like me who are over 6 months to find 800. Even if it is not versatile at all, he added some little pedals and I am sure you find what you troubadours. + in the effects loop is really effective is it just be THE + (with a rock) which I prefer on the head. if I had the choice again I'd have a lot of hsitation. The problem for me shut up style "only rock" but hey, thanks to my jewel pti (qualo mxr), more problems! Finally, I would say that this is really impressive is filled Premire I saw that if you do not add as an accessory later, before the esseyer about whether or not filled this is for you!

ekerisann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
All Tube Amplifier Head 100w (4x 6L6GC and 3x 12AX7/ECC63) manufactured in China (very slight negative detail)


Very simple configuration, the knobs (plastic hum) with their role and the scale it is sufficient to settle over his desires.
The sound is achieved with easy no-brainer.
The manual is very clear and ample enough, he explains the role and effects of each knob, offers fun and even tweaks fully describes the beast.


The sound is amazing, already in clean sound you can go to the round slammed full of warmth all in a very good record (the bright knob allows to change) and then for the saturation is the party! We can get what you want from a classic crunch distortion mtal without adding anything, coupled to a spring reverb quality is that of happiness! Jai add an EQ for distortion pedals that I do mostly Sufis over the ith time and required only I caught!
Now I use it with my Ibanez Xiphos makes perfectly plain and sending a good gain ...
The control of texture (a Peavey exclusive) is very nice it handles the sound and lights can get closer to the truth its lowest volume ca not worth that much sound with the master pushed!
There are a lot of knobs and so many possibilities, versatility even with all the heat lamps if you play at least 5!
I love the saturation and cares enough clean round because I did not need anything then (apart chorus etc of course)
But it is true that house is really mean, repeating 'I love but no load-box or low volume so you can feel a shade alas


I use it for a year and I love this head and simply more aesthetically it is just as pleasant.
I test heads Marshall, Hughes and Kettner and many combos and I still call on the Peavey (obviously in its range)
The report is astonishing because for qualitprix not so expensive you have any lights with sound quality and reliability of peavey with that!
Avc hindsight I would take a combo or rather I offer myself a load-box but the problem of all rete ls amp lamps ...

maximalox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
T says it all
ct power is nothing to say .... is what it takes


I go through a multi purpose. I will therefore also a ToneLab lamp.
It's hard to have a good sound. The problem is that if this amp on there was a master volume, I could connect it to the return of the effects loop, but it's not the case and that is the bottom hurts ....
It must be corrected again and all sounds a larsne more ...
not this terrible ct l.
Was no manual so can not comment ....


Bin for my part I play a little bit of everything but rock plutt ax and it is true that an amp that should rather what kind of music.
However, some speak of blues ... for those who love them I deprecated ... I replaced my hot rod deluxe with this one because I wanted to have a machine just more rock, but even when we see the diffrence .....
the hot rod much better reverb and the sound is much warmer and round ...
the peavey is a little cooler and mtallique ....
I put 7 on the rock and no more because frankly I find the reverbs ugly ...


It's been two months that I use
I prfre the particularity is the fact that a rock sound trs ..
The report price is unbeatable quality
I blame the most is really the master volume is missing normment otherwise it would be the top ....
I turned on the hot rod for quite some time ... and I miss a bit ... I'm not but I admit that the compltement clear sound and crunch c'tait the top unlike the l. ... to see if the marshall gnralement that sounds more rock and blues as well located .----
Do not buy a moment of madness, not to cost before possibly be of ..
dernire one thing ... I bought the 4x10 cabinet home peaveyu that goes with it and I'm not sr have made the right choice ... almost the same price for a 2x12 y'avait clestion quip and I think I should have taken that ... it sounds a sr but plutt aggressive suave ..... was seen to baffle ....
overall it was a little amp for the price that ranks rather well overall but with a sound so I really SPECIFICATIONS RPET costs before buying ... . has little dcevoir