Blue Microphones Robbie

Robbie, Tube Pre-amp from Blue Microphones.

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stompboxjon's review"Very stylish and is still rackable"

Blue Microphones Robbie
The Robbie by Blue Microphones is a class-A single channel Tube Microphone and also has a amplifier for instruments. The price of the Robbie can get pretty steep depending on where you purchase it from. Brand new it will cost you right around 1,000 USD but you may be able to find one cheaper on EBay or Craig list. The Robbie has a very quiet tube preamp as well as a very unique design and look to it, despite the fact that it looks different you can still rack it, which is a huge plus. On the back panel of the Robbie is where your connections are as well as the power button to turn it off and on. It has a mic in and line out channel and AC 10V adapter. The Robbie is great because of its powerful preamp and how warm it can make your vocals sound and feel. With a frequency response of 10hz-100kHz and 34dB of headroom, there is no doubt that the Robbie packs a powerful punch.


The set up of the Robbie is very easy, there really isn’t anything too it. It does have a manual but I have never looked at it and you probably wont have to either if you have used other interfaces then you will understand the Robbie as well as be able to use it right out of the box and not have to read the manual.


Sound quality on the Robbie is amazing, the preamp does all the work for your vocals. I have recorded some really warm and natural sounding lyrics using the Blue Microphone Robbie.


I am very happy that I had the chance to get to use the Robbie by Blue Microphones on several occasions. The price is high, but it is well worth it when you hear the quality you will get. It will also last you a long time because it seems to be really well built on top of how cool it looks. I highly recommend buying the Robbie for the preamp alone, all the other stuff is just an added bonus!

moosers's review

Blue Microphones Robbie
Blue Robbie is a single channel tube based mic pre amplifier.  Inside of this futuristic looking piece of gear contains a tube, and on the outside it has XLR ins and outs as well has buttons for phantom power, mic/line select, a -20 db pad, and one for phase.  While it definitely has a unique look, the parameters are very familiar.  Blue Robbie isn't in rack mountable form...


As long as you have previous experience with mic pres and know the basic parameters, I don't think that you will have any problems figuring out how to use Blue Robbie.  Everything is easy to understand and there is nothing out of the ordinary going on here.  I haven't seen a manual for this, but will say that unless you have no experience with mic pres you probably don't need to have it.


The overall sound quality of Blue Robbie is very impressive.  I have used this pre to track lead vocals for a few different types of songs and have found that it does its job quite well.  It has a very full sound and while you would expect it to be warmer rather than clean since it is tube based, I would say it is actually clean sounding more than anything else.  I'd definitely recommend experimenting with this as well as I think that it would work well in an endless amount of situations.


While I've only used Blue Robbie a handful of times to record lead vocals, in my time using this pre I've found it to be a great sounding piece of gear.  It isn't hard to use at all and I think that pretty much all users out there will be able to understand how to use everything quickly.  I would recommend the pre to both home and professional studio owners for a variety of reasons, but the main reason being that it is a compact tube pre that has a killer sound.  The price is a perk, but may still be out of reach for smaller home studio owners or those on a smaller budget.  I would say that it would definitely be a good investment for any studio as it offers up an easy to use mic pre with a big sound.

afterglow479's review

Blue Microphones Robbie
This is an analog tube microphone preamp by Blue Microphones. The Robbie is a very stylish looking and great sounding mic pre. The controls on the pre are very steamlined and simple, so there isn't a big learning curve or anything, except with learning the coloration that it provides to your sounds. There is a simple power switch, a switch for phantom power, a phase reversal switch, and a pad for loud source material. There is of course also a large knob for your gain control. As for connections, you have an XLR input and a line level XLR output.


There is pretty much no set up involved for this piece of gear. You really only need to plug it into a power source, plug in your mic and switch on the phantom power and pad if needed, and you are good to go. There aren't any tone controls on it except for the gain control, so once you are turned on that's all you'll need to worry about it. The manual explains all of the functions perfectly well, though it doesn't need to go into too much depth.


The sound quality on the Robbie is wonderful. It's a very colorful mic pre. It has a very warm sound, almost as if it provides a smoothness and sort of a halo around your sound sources. You have to hear it for yourself to know what I mean, but it's definitely a positive effect. Lead vocals obviously benefit very much from this treatment, but I have also had great success using this with acoustic guitars that are meant to be more of a pad in a rhythm section. The Robbie really helps to soften the metallic brightness and smooth the peaks a little bit. It's definitely got a great tube sound.


I have been using this for a few years. I love the unique sound coloration you get from the Robbie. It really can take a rather dull signal and suddenly make it come to life - something not every preamp can do. I have tried a lot of preamps and this one is one of my favorites. The value is okay - Blue tends to be a bit pricey and I feel like you are partially paying for just looks. Having said that it is still a really good sounding pre. I recommend it highly. I would get it again.

Azuraldo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Robbie
Tube preamp
Rackable optional


Very simple, yet unusable in the state of things


Not just far too acute to my taste, I will be revising my opinion if a solution to my problem by service


A few weeks
This is an imported product by at Perfect Circuit (USA)
I had a problem with the power supply, 110V in the first time so I bought a voltage converter to 230V then, but the sound is really too acute. I await the response of SAV Blue, which is slow to respond honestly, and with the lack of solution to my problem I'm not satisfied!

Smolikoner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super!"

Blue Microphones Robbie
See Tech Sheet


The use of the Blue Robbie is super simple, you plug it on, it leaves a little heated lamp, find the ideal gain and it is gone!


I have only to compare the preamp of my babyface and my joe meek oneQ.
Simply put: This is great!
I rediscovered my voice (although OneQ is good) but with a really nice subtle heat.
My Studio Project TB1 with acute aggressive found this transformed with a low round and much more complete and becomes softer on the top of the spectrum (it made me also want to model my TB1)
However with my Neumann BCM 705 is a little less good, it remains above the JoeMeek but the advantage was OneQ BCM 705 + you could get voice "in your face" relatively easily while there we feel that the micro wants to give the fishing and the preamp wants adourcir ...
I do not say that the preamp makes the source mole but less sharp than other preamp ... matter of taste!


Bought new for 400 € after a promotion, I would do this choice without hesitation!
This is a very good preamp though my lack of comparison in the field may be doubted the sharper among you!
In any case I think it is relatively difficult for this mistake by making this purchase!

gae247's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Robbie
Oddly shaped rack.
line, 48v, pad and phase. input jack and xor. 1 output. Simple.




THE sound. I love it. It is clear but it has class.


4 months. I have a lot of preamps (Summit, audio line, Tascam, Joemeek, ..., it is the best!

The +:
It is well done, it's the high end.
Form .... Special. Access switches.

I would do the selection without thinking.

louisdeabreu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Robbie
Brand Kiwi Blue Microphone.


I use it for my imac beginning in March, the apogee duet interface and Robbie prampli brand Blue also still not really used my mic that comes with was free, as a pack.


I really liked you feel a difference. My pice is not related acoustically and yet only with the apogee duet that is neutral, I like, I really like. Then it's on it's 4,000 euros a microphone and an interface in the prices. I think we really closer to a sound pro. Put the plug ins you want the vocal track or other and I really think it sounds good. Now I think in my case, it's still the top of amateur variety, I mean if you want to make a good model, but we can not galer studios worth millions for sure. Regarding the prampli, I have not really used it because I find dgage heat and I do not really search for the moment.


I am therefore pleased rsultat, I was expecting and I am not far from l. The report quality price and best anywhere. 1899 euros for micro and prampli, just a very good deal. I would put 9 out of 10 because it probably has microphones to 10 of 10.

jason8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blue Microphones Robbie