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Ultrasone PROline user reviews

  • Ultrasone PROline 750

    Ultrasone PROline 750 - "Very good"


    I had to try more than thirty headphones, including the HD 600, 650, Beyer 770, Sony MDR 7509, Grado SR80, Koss pro4AAT, STW, beats by dr dre, AKG k700i on 3 bose, etc. .. . The Ultrasone Pro 750 has it caught my attention more than others, not h…

  • Ultrasone PROline 650

    Ultrasone PROline 650 - goydham's review


    I have used for 1 month. Then I sold. I had bought on the advice of relatives. I do not Rasht (forcment) because it does not suit me. + For: comfort, technology Ultrasone works well, a real feeling of width (it does not feel that HP are glued to…

  • Ultrasone PROline 650

    Ultrasone PROline 650 - jcp85611's review


    Use three days surprised by the quality lorsue their argument is true you do not subuissez this headphone you have the impression be a concert, however, has yet to break it I s amliorer deprecated in Lachat Music Store Finally, this box site selling …

  • Ultrasone PROline 750

    Ultrasone PROline 750 - neo bit's review


    I possde headphones Ultrasone Proline 750 1 Week, here is a review for this incredible make it known German headphone brand. Dballage: The headphone is delivered in a super box containing the headphone (;-), a spare pair of foam, 2 son (right app…

  • Ultrasone PROline 750

    Ultrasone PROline 750 - gwendule's review


    I use it for three days. These headphones are very comfortable to wear, and the gene is felt only after many hours of listening. In addition the S-Logic spatialization makes this headphone in its closed magnitude approaching that of the headphone…

  • Ultrasone PROline 2500

    Ultrasone PROline 2500 - raf's review


    How long have you use it? Day without a break then after I speak not even What is so special that you like most and least? Open the Pandora's box there is not listen adopt c Have you tried many other models before buying it? G tried all …

  • Ultrasone PROline 650

    Ultrasone PROline 650 - vivelakro's review


    -2 Days Moss-changeable in 2 seconds, the detachable jack allows to store it in its bag without having to transfer the cable -Not many other models, the K271 soon in stores (20 minutes) and it -Excellent I think …