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raf 04/13/2007

Ultrasone PROline 2500 : raf's user review


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How long have you use it?
Day without a break then after I speak not even

What is so special that you like most and least?
Open the Pandora's box there is not listen adopt c

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

G tried all kinds of headphones
G me even a pioneer and a 1000 HD 25
but I wanted a headset for monitoring with a sound that I can find on my speakers during the day
I tried the sony 7509 recess that snaps into the midrange and treble but making music electronic g need bass in the headphones (not exist on 7509)
I went to try other Beyer, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony 7506 and I came across the German manufacturer Ultrasone and frankly it is aptly named c halucinant the sound of proline 2500 c incomparable you the full range of frequencies defined c balanced lethal
The serious and the rest is as you have two versions of the same open or closed headphones
G never heard it perfect for me and c
But if you have the opportunity to listen to the pro headphones that are all brand bleufant proline 500, 750 and 2500 available at Universe sounds in paris
And despite what some salesman with headphones you can not have bass and all frequency pfffffffff this headphone is the monster all the way
It comes with two cords right and in spiralle (which we connect the headset with a jack fatal) and two spare ear over a demo CD which is really surprising you discover the possibilities
Sony should follow their example

Finally, in a word RAPORT money is 2 times higher than the Sony 7509 with a slightly lower price 239euros
I would make that choice a second time without hesitation and in any case there are two version of this headphone an open and closed for the decision so close I think the later purchase for my vocal takes
Sony and they tell you they must be well lapped at Ultrasone it snaps early so once honed in my opinion
Run all your dealer to try