Ultrasone PROline 750
Ultrasone PROline 750

PROline 750, Studio headphone from Ultrasone in the PROline series.

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Ultrasone PROline 750 : Anonymous 's user review


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I possde headphones Ultrasone Proline 750 1 Week, here is a review for this incredible make it known German headphone brand.
The headphone is delivered in a super box containing the headphone (;-), a spare pair of foam, 2 son (right approximately 3m, a shorter tlphonique style), a carrying pouch and an audio CD of demonstration. This is the great class! The entire exudes srieux and manufacturing quality is excellent. Dun aesthetic point of view japprcie particulirement the range of blue, white, silver. The design is simple and worked (the signature of the big brands!). The size of the headphones is slightly too big my taste but it's the price to pay for an aesthetic quality of listening.
By positioning the casqe on the ears, First slap: it adapts perfectly to the contours of the head and is positioned in a twinkling dil. A lightweight pressure is felt in the atria, just what it takes to be isolated without impression DTRE crushed. The weight of proline 750 is soon forgotten so much feeling of comfort is great.
You plug the headphones, we put the album favorie in the player and listening: standard disappointment! Yes you your surprised to read some, but this is normal The Ultrasone headphones, like all high-end headphones, need DTRE rods in the same fawn that pregnant .dropoff window I advise you to: Connect your amp to eat him for ten CDs of hours in varying registers (bass, tracks, acoustic instruments etc) and put it on your head : baouuuuuummmm! L this is the true slap !! For me it has to be 20 hours of running for the headphones reveals its full potential, but after 10 allows a DJ to be a good idea. If you lessayez store, find much to know if the headphone t rod.
From this point of view, the proline 750 is a marvel. S Logic technology gives lampleur sound (do not even expect when rendering 5.1.), Spatialization of sound is impressive and frquence band of the headphones should allow you dappr cial all your discotheque without qualisation supplmentaire. It purrs in the bass, this is mild in the medium, this is crystalline treble pure happiness! Another highlight, the headphones are designed to be pressed your ear, allowing to feel the music volume low. on the other hand, with its Impedance 40 Ohm, you will also enjoy fully the imperfections of your audio hardware: If your headphone breath a little, you'll know right away!
For those wishing to use the proline 750 for the mix of the sound or production, you will have at hand a dune diabolical precision tool. Biensur it will not replace a good pair of monitors, but for some tasks, it is very useful.
Before dacqurir lUltrasone, jenvisageais keep my old Sennheiser EH2200 for prcoute Dj because I thought the 750 would not be adapted such use. Big mistake on my part with the headphone on the head, it is no longer excusable to miss a pitch so this is prcis! A low phase shift sentend immediately, which means quen club situation, with volume lev in faade and returns not always cabin top, simply you lUltrasone proud to ensure that the mix is ​​good!
For me this is a no-fault! The headset reveals good in all situations, versatile and faithful. For the solidity I'm not too worried, German brands are rputes for their longevity. Only time will allow me to confirm it.
For our I put 9 because nothing is ever perfect, but it's not envy that I miss ...