Ultrasone PROline 650
Ultrasone PROline 650

PROline 650, Studio headphone from Ultrasone in the PROline series.

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goydham 09/21/2009

Ultrasone PROline 650 : goydham's user review


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I have used for 1 month. Then I sold.
I had bought on the advice of relatives. I do not Rasht (forcment) because it does not suit me.

+ For: comfort, technology Ultrasone works well, a real feeling of width (it does not feel that HP are glued to our ears) and finish trs correct.
For-: Attention must ensure proper positioning of the trs headphones on! the slightest movement, and the image stro (well the headphone ..) and especially the balance band frequency drives are changing! So it must be well suited propore its morphology. Then I found the balance of frquences unconvincing. I had the feeling that the top mdiums had designed this twist easily. This induces stamps (for instruments) I think quite wrong. Similarly, the lower have a weird dynamic. There are, of course, but they are not all l. Basically, the dynamics still plays tricks and headphone lack of depth on some songs (and some not so ...)
So it seems to me that this is not the headphones as I used Fidler Fidler headphone if there a.