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All user reviews for the Akai Professional EIE Pro

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 22 reviews )
 11 reviews50 %
 6 reviews27 %
 1 user review5 %
 2 reviews9 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

mrjason's review"Classic looking interface"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
The Akai EIE Pro is an audio interface that connected to my computer via USB connection. This interface is more of a “box” type of shape and is not very sleek. But the quality that it provides is second to none. There are two VU level meters on the front of the interface and 3 extra USB ports to connect some other device to your computer through. There are also 5 Pin MIDI connections and a headphone output that has a switchable source and direct monitoring dial.


This interface was easy to get running, it does come with a manual and it will explain anything that you need to know before using or installing the drivers. You can use this interface in almost and DAW or performance software on both PC’s and Mac computers.


The sound quality is pretty decent especially for an interface from Akai at this price. The preamp is pretty good as well, but it will all come down to which microphone the artist chooses to use with this interface. I suggest picking your microphones wisely because depending on what you are recording (vocals, instruments, etc..) it could seriously affect the sound quality of your recording. This interface does have 48 Volt phantom power and multichannel recording.


The look of this interface is pretty neat, it is more of a vintage style or looking interface but with the specs there is nothing vintage about it. It is very clean and modern sounding (when paired with the right microphone). Also Akai does update the drivers from time to time so it is good to keep your eye out. I have notices that they have updated more drivers than any other Brand of gear that I own. So with this interface I would not be surprised if it has not be updated several times already especially with Windows 8 being out now. But it does work great on XP, VISTA, and Windows 7.

stompboxjon's review"Could be a great homebased musician interface"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
The Akai Professional EIE Pro is an USB audio interface that has a different feel to it than other interfaces. It has more of a retro look to it along with an odd shape. It cannot be racked and is only a desktop unit. But even on a desktop it still has a weird shape to it because it is tall and not flat. It has a built in 3 port USB hub, and also MIDI options so you can bring some other gear into it. You can record up to 4 tracks at the same time on the EIE Pro making it a great unit to have for a small home studio. There are 4 preamps on each of the 4 XLR inputs.


The only thing that I would change about this interface outside of the fact that it cannot be racked is that it should come with a powerful software like Pro Tools LE or something that is of that level for people who are beginners and are wanting to start recording right away. This is where I feel Akai lacks and M Audio wins. Akai is not known for making interfaces but they are known for making great products. Hopefully in the future with some of the interfaces they put out there will be a copy of Pro Tools right with it. This was not an issue for me, but I am sure some people would rather have Pro Tools to work with this interface right out of the box. The drivers are stable though, and they do not get updated very often.


Setting up this interface takes absolutely no effort at all. It is very easy and quick to set up on any system or computer. You will get zero latency monitoring while watching the LEDs to see if you have anything clipping.


But overall this is a solid interface, and it is very well built, with the perfect amount of simultaneous recording for a home musician. This could be one of the best desktop USB interfaces of this year.

CerotoneSystem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A convenient interface"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
The features that attracted me the most are:
The number of inputs / outputs (4 mono or 2 stereo) XLR or Jack with insert behind the card and the level mic / guitar Line facade.
The meters are very practical and true (although I feel it captures the master of the signal without effects on my ableton which can make typing in the red even with a limited eg ... ).
The practical side of Headphone Select for the headphone output, a mix knob for the signal in or out or in between. Phantom power, and switch level mic / guitar. Gains of knobs.
It covers the 16/24 bit and 44 kHz / 96 kHz.

I turn to the config following: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 / 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Mac OS X mid 2011 (running in dual core 2x4 for now).


I had no installation problems, I think Akai-corrected bugs early version. I can listen to music on the net with, as I can work in computer music

I use Ableton native or Waves VST plugins but mainly as Razor, U-he ... and they look pretty good even now my computer lags (BAWE it consumes these brands) 2x4 go dual core. In contrast, with native plugin Ableton we can put a lot of track with quite substantial chaining.

Then I use to get the hardware (comps, synths ...) and I've used Live without worries. (As against the card is a bit grossse to transport)


Installation was made without problem as I said above, I rarely even too much hassle to install with friends, for jam sessions. So no worries to report incompatibilities my side.


I use it for a few months and I've never had any major problems with the card has a few bugs that I had it or not detected because the lighting was probably occurred at a bad time. I had a m-audio fast track before.

This is not LA sound card, but a good face (a pretty cool aviator side), it is stable even after several hours of consecutive use. But precisely at this price it has many more advantages than disadvantages.
Lazare LMS11/19/2014

Lazare LMS's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent sound card"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
I mainly use it with my PC. Sometimes I am also serving on my Akai DSP 16.
I also connects via USB on a PV8 console and a Peavey 24 ZMX Electronic Alto home. Never a problem.


The drivers are stable. I often use with Ableton or Mixcraft 6
Ability to record four tracks, but I have never recorded more than two tracks simultaneously.
The gain knobs are accurate. The VU meters are enlightened in red that you exceed the limits which is very useful especially when you are recording alone. Inters micro / line selection are useful.


I installed the drivers and everything worked from the start. So easy config.


I use it since 2012 and if I had the choice again no hesitation. Never planted, reliable brief excellent quality and good quality / price ratio. I made this choice because I already had the hardware Akai jnen and am very happy.

explodingboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
4 input

4 output, 2 adjustable with front panel volume

4 insert

taking MIDI and usb


then the problem I had is that the drivers were not recognized on my mac and logic

while the red model red normal EIS, it works without driver and it worked perfectly all the time

So this one is better but it is still necessary that the drivers going well


so incompatible with my mac and logic, because drivers and sound forge not working above


and good practice

check that the drivers are compatible with your bazaar

francis.pierot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Crackles on my computer, no control panel, mixed review"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
Strengths: preamp with 4 inputs, 4 outputs, built-in USB hub, the meters to monitor the level of inputs 1/2 or 1/2 outputs a reasonable price.

I intended to connect a bass or a guitar, a condenser microphone and a synth stack the four inputs. The USB hub allows you to connect control surfaces without breaking the head, useful on laptops.

I plugged into a desktop with an i7 4,5GHz 16 GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD for the system, a 2TB RAID10 (4 1TB disk) with a 128GB SSD cache, nVidia 9800GTX +.


Very low latency on my computer it goes with a buffer of 49 bytes no problem in Ableton Live 9. OSX drivers seem to lag behind those of Windows it goes. Of course the four inputs are available in Live as well as the four outputs. Routing should be done in the DAW, there is no control panel software, impossible to reconfigure the routing or volumes in a load of settings at the card. Strange omission.


No problem setup, there is virtually no configuration since there is no control panel. Everything is done to buttons and switches. The manual is non-existent: Three empty bit of useful information pages. The supplied USB cable is a bit cheap.


I used it two weeks before returning to the store to exchange it against another material.

In practice I immediately had a big problem: random crackling speakers. It was not until I changed the USB cable, I connect the EIE Pro to a USB port on a PCI card instead of ports on the motherboard, and above all I disable my network adapters (Ethernet, Wi-Fi) to finally not have all those crunches hours. It remained unacceptable to me, so I called my store, which made no difficulty to use this material to me in exchange for another. It seems that many users are experiencing similar problems to mine, or worse.

Apart from this problem I had (and that everyone does not necessarily meet), I found the sound not very good preamps and low volume. The contrast with the Focusrite Scarlett who replaced is striking.

For my part I highly recommend purchasing the EIE Pro. The sound quality is not at the rendezvous, it really lacks a control panel to save routing and volumes and recharge in one click, and there is a high risk of technical problems.

cf357's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The indispensable tool"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
Besides price beating all competition, I chose the EIA-Pro AKAI for its relatively large number of inputs (4 + 4 instrumentals inserts) and its integrated USB2 hub. It's silly to say, but for me that connects a lot in USB (master, nano-kontrol ... Keyboards) on a Macbook with only 2 ports, this is a strong argument that ending up with 4 Additional ports.


Nothing special to report, everything seemed clear. I have a slight defect on one of my knobs: the dress in plastic tends to go if you pull on them, but nothing extreme. I love the ability to mix monitor output and single output.

Little thing that bothers me (I have not tried): It is no longer possible to control the overall volume on the Macbook, that goes over the USB is a level 100%.


No worries for me. I'm easily under 10ms latency 96 KHz, I have not tried to go lower.


I was seduced by its design, and when I saw the price and features, I literally cracked. This is a great tool, very quality without breaking the bank. To end on a detail that crosses my mind, it's a shame not to be able to remove the light on the meters; these are really sharp when working a bit in the dark.

DjCaylus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional EIE Pro
Who needed a usb hub and a sound card in my living room or + mobile mixer that I became pro EIA and am super satisfied!

Use in electronics "Techno etc. .." Using Ableton + acoustic guitar + voice

USB sound card with effective:

- 4 input instrument / mic + supply
- Usb Hub 3
- Monitor output / + single output
- 4 inputs insert

Macbook connected to my "white" 4GB Ram it turns nickel. I use it mostly in IN for recording, the sound coming in my OUT OR A10. Or nomadic ..


Update drivers required to run on Maverick. The map is provided at the base with an ID key lock licenses to carry your PC pc and Protools that you suddenly eat a USB.

Once parametrized in Ableton everything revolves nickel. Parameters depend on the intended use ... acoustic j decrease the size of the buffer to 256 or 128 history to have no latency for recording vocals separately and have an imperceptible latency. Electronic j'm 512 with either Live mode average 8/10 tracks composed by fashion .. 8/10 tracks with an average of 2/3 effects per track and 2/3 effects on the master and everything revolves nickel.

I've tested with a buffer 1024 in live mode and at first glance it seems not change the masses ... I still dig the map for a month.


Updated to make drivers via the akai site for albeton detects ...

If a child configuration.


I AKAI since 2 months max.

I have the A10 which allows me to mix 4 decks but has no instrument input. I also have a mixer Berhinger which is much less portable and whose preamps are all m ^ m a notch below the pre-amp AKAI.

Ability to insert .. USB Hub ... Id lock and key free Protools. (M ^ m if I'm a fan Ableton it is always nice)

A very good product Q / P I would buy again and I would recommend anyone looking for a versatile sound card especially for mobile phones with limited connectivity.

cinebulle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional EIE Pro
I have a Focusrite Scarlett, the preamps and converters are a bit my reference sound. I needed a map to 4 XLR inputs with +48 v and more opportunities for monitoring + inserts to put a reverb on the vocal takes.


The drivers work very well. As Pro Tools comes with 10 express. Very low latency.


Super simple to install and very stable.


Actually I am amazed, for the price it really is a great deal. The trick is pretty damn good, sounds great. Very good converters input / output and preamps not bad, if I compare with those of the Focusrite.

It could cost much more!

Chlamydiae's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective with a great look"

Akai Professional EIE Pro
Bought it because one of my USB Yamaha MG166C table was totally inadequate ...
Used with said table, and a PC Asus i5 2400 with 8 GB of RAM and Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

Home studio


The driver is perfectly stable, no update since installation.

Used with Cubase Elements 7 64-bit as DAW and VST Hosts for fast driving synths.

Latency input I can get down to 4 ms in 48 KHz


The installation is done without problems, I / O Midi over USB are a real plus, as well as the integrated USB hub.

The manual is a little short, and there are no options for the AKAI software, everything is done by lez host.

It is still easy to use, knowing that my table saw, I do not use some functions of the AKAI


Used since September 2013, to replace an EMU 0404 PCI who died a natural death, and after the disappointment of the audio via USB 1 on the Yamaha table ...
Advantages: strength, audio quality, gauges needle
Cons: the buttons on the front are a little tight, the manual

Very good value for money, I do not regret buying