Alesis iO|2
Alesis iO|2

iO|2, USB audio interface from Alesis in the iO series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 07/25/2012

Alesis iO|2 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

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The Alesis iO 2 is an interface that can be used for your pc or your mac I have used it on both platforms several times and it works great with both and I didn’t have any problems on either system. The interface is very portable and can be taken anywhere, its very small and compact. It is perfect for the person who travels a lot and still wants to do some music while they are gone. It is a 2 channel recording interface, and has a place to put headphones and a place for monitors if you have them or want to use them. So when I was out of my house I would use headphones with the iO 2 and when I was home I could hook up my monitors if I needed to. It records up to 24 bits and will work with pretty much any DAW that you are using on your pc or your mac. I have used it in several different programs and each one of them it worked great in.


The quality is great and it has 48 volt phantom power on board, it is also USB powered not fire wire so you will def. be able to use it on your pc. You wont need to plug it into a wall jack for power because the USB port provides the power.


Drivers haven’t been updated since I purchased it, so I am not sure if it has even updated at all.

I had no compatibility issues and the manual was easy to read, though I was just looking at it and didn’t need to use it. No Compatibility issues.


Overall, it’s a handy neat little device that will take care of your recording needs. It was exactly what I needed and I recommend it to a lot of other mobile musicians.