PreSonus AudioBox USB
PreSonus AudioBox USB

AudioBox USB, USB audio interface from PreSonus in the Audiobox series.

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 65 reviews )
 26 reviews40 %
 20 reviews31 %
 8 reviews12 %
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 7 reviews11 %
Audience: Beginners
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azraik's review"The perfect box for Beginners"

PreSonus AudioBox USB

- MacBook Pro
- OS X 10.8.5
- Logic Pro 9


The PreSonus AudioBox offers a great variety of features for the money. There are few interfaces in its class that offer the same features for $150 or less (the Audiobox is very easy to find used for less than $100). For Apple users, the Audiobox is practically plug-and-play, and the proper software is provided for PC users as well.

For beginners, it's a perfect entry level interface for basic mono/stereo recording, but it also makes a great "on-the-go" interface for experienced musicians and engineers. The preamps are very usable and the interface is bus-powered via USB, so your band could literally record an acoustic demo of a new song while sitting in a tour van with a microphone and laptop computer.

Now this is not to say that the PreSonus Audiobox does not come with its own set of limitations.

Pros and Cons

While the Audiobox is a great value, it will be easy to outgrow if you choose to expand your setup (I say this from personal experience). Having 2 hybrid XLR/TRS inputs and 2 TRS outputs may keep your setup compact, but it certainly limits your options for recording a multi-instrument setup (full band, drum set, orchestra, etc). You may have to be more creative with microphone choice and placement if you intend to use this box for one-take full band recording, but it is possible.

The preamps are fairly clean, with a decent amount of 'headroom,' but they are definitely not the best out there. The 24-bit converters are on par with its price point, and there's nothing a little "studio magic" can't improve in post-production ;) The control pots are very sturdy, and the unit itself is built into a durable metal casing (again, making it perfect for on-the-go applications).


It's also worth mentioning that the latency of this unit is a little more than noticeable. The interface includes a mixer control which can be adjusted between input and playback. This is a fancy way of saying that you can choose between monitoring the signal going into the box or the actual recording taking place in your DAW...or a blend between the two (which I have found to be kind of pointless).

I leave the mixer control on the playback setting 99% of the time, because I prefer to hear the actual recording going into the DAW in real time, but the latency for this interface is a bit high if you choose to record that way. Conversely, there is no latency at all if you switch the mixer control to input, but then you're unable to monitor the signal for possible clipping or software effects in your DAW as you record. As I have mentioned before, though, this unit makes up for its limitations in value and price. The latency issue is just something to adjust to as you get used to the Audiobox.


The PreSonus Audiobox is an ideal, affordable interface for the beginner who wants to explore the endless possibilities of audio engineering, or the performing musician who wants a quick and easy way to record demos and ideas. As I continue to expand my own setup and graduate to more versatile interfaces, I intend to keep my AudioBox because it's an invaluable tool for portability and quick, no-fuss recording.

grandsec's review"Perfect for small demos"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
Usual quality
Imac running osX snow leopard 10.6.8
MIDI guitar and piano


Very stable drivers without updates. Latency OK.
I use garageband primarily and only with looping.


With Mac, I connected it, turned it on and that's it.
I never had the need of a manual, it's very easy to use.


I've used it since 2010 and it's my first soundcard. I don't need much. I use it to record my guitar, listen to music and make some demos here and there.
My only regret is that Presonus didn't make this audiobox mountain lion-compatible, so I'm stuck with snow leopard and I'm afraid it will not work correctly If I decide to upgrade.
I would definitely buy it again.

Quantum-Music's review"It's OK"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
It's a good USB soundcard. What I don't like about it is that you can't go beyond 44.1 kHz. I replaced it with one that allows me to go up to 96kHz. The converters are all right. Otherwise, it works very good.


Very stable, I never had a problem. I still use it.


Easy to use, no need of a driver for mac.


I used until one year ago. It must be five years since I have it. What I like the most is that it's portable and performs better than an M-Audio of the same price. What I like the least is that it's limited to 44.1 kHz.

megadams's review"For the price, what else could you ask for?"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
I bought this soundcard for its price and for its solid metallic aspect.
I use it mainly to record guitar and vocals over usb on windows 7 pro 64 bits.


I haven't had any problems with the drivers.
I usually use it with Presonus studio one 2 professional with almost no latency.


The installation and the setup couldn't be simpler. It is so easy to use that I haven't used the manual in two years of good and loyal service, during which this small blue box hasn't given me any compatibility nor any other sort of problem.


I've used this soundcard for two years.
I didn't try any other model before, the solid impression it gave me was enough to convince me.
What I like the most are its looks, ease of use and, especially, its price.
There is nothing I don't like. In my opinion, it is perfect in every respect. With such a price, what else could you ask for?
Excellent value for money. I don't have it anymore because I got a top range soundcard, whose price is obviously not the same.
If I had to buy another one, I'd buy this one again with my eyes closed. I would even by two at the same time to be sure I have one in case it doesn't work correctly, which I doubt, considering the quality of Presonus products.

stompboxjon's review"Did not expect a lot out of this interface"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
I have used the PreSonus AudioBox USB for many small projects and not that it sounds bad, it is about as good as you are going to get in this price range. I have tried a few different microphones with this interface and none of them really out shined another one. The preamps in this mic are what concerned me the most because they seemed to be very noisy and they did color my sound. Now I didn’t expect to get studio quality with this interface but I didn’t expect to get a cleaner recording.


This interface is built very well though and is made out of solid material and the knobs on the face of the unit are made well and not out of plastic and they will not break off or “stick” easily. This interface is only a 2 in and 2 out interface that has 2 preamps, 2 ¼ outputs, MIDI in and MIDI out and it comes with recording software (Studio One).


It was very easy to set up, and working with it in Studio One was very simple and easy though I didn’t like that recording program much at the time because I felt like adding effects didn’t seem as fluid as they do in other DAW’s.


This interface is very affordable though and will get the job done, you will get an “ok” quality recording with it in your home/bedroom but I wouldn’t take it any farther than that. It will get your Demo quality at best and depending on your skills as an engineer you will need to really use some EQ’ing techniques in your DAW and boost some of the high end frequencies and cut a lot of lows to get a cleaner sound out of it. But at this price point it would be great for a first time home musician.

netikkanides's review"There has to be something for all budgets"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
At the time I was just starting with recording and the sales assistant at Woodbrass recommended me this sound card.
I currently use it with a $600 Studio Projects T3 mic, which isn't the best match. The higher quality of the mic's diaphragm and tube are completely ruined by the poor quality integrated preamp of the Audiobox.
I use it primarily to record vocals with a 3.7GHz processor and 8GB RAM.
Monitoring system: Alesis M1MKII


The drivers are not very stable. I have to reinstall them every two months on average.
Presonus' technical support isn't the best in my opinion, no driver updates for years (since it came out in fact). Moreover, the ones included on the CD that comes inside the box don't work, you have to download them form the manufacturer's website according to your system.
The latency is high, but that's something inherent to USB audio peripherals, around 6ms at the input and 30ms at the output. It's alright to record demos but not for a studio.
With a good PC you can play back about 30 channels simultaneously but the card makes some noise.

The (detented) potentiometers aren't very precise and the internal phantom power generates quite some noise, which we can nevertheless get rid off by cutting the low-mids.
No XLR for the outputs — a big disadvantage of the card.


Installation is very easy, since it's connected via USB.
However, as I mentioned before, you must go to Presonus' website to get them.


I've used it for two years and it was my first sound card. I now have an Avid Digi 003 Rack and the difference is huge.
Nevertheless, for the price (less than $150) and despite its flaws, this card is a good product to start out with in a home studio.
What I like the most about it is its minimalism, and what I like least is its lack of a sound character.

In my experience, this card is definitely better than an M-Audio (which sound metallic) or an entry-level Apogee with only two buttons, so I would definitely recommend it in this price range.

SkyzZo's review" Robust, Practical, Good Sound, No Latency"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
I have a notebook PC running Seven. I use Ableton8 and Sonar7
4GB ram, three-year old dual core Intel processor

I was looking for a mobile and sturdy sound card with hybrid Jack/XLR connections, 48V phantom power and quality preamps.

I couldn't decide between the M-Audio Mobile Pre MKII and this one
The shop assistant recommended me this one for only $10 more.


I still haven't downloaded the latest drivers, but the ones included on the CD work fine (although I don't have the benefit of hindsight, since I've had it one week only)

I can get 3ms latency at 16bits/44Khz (I haven't tried the other modes)


No issues during installation
No incompatibilities
I still haven't read the manual, because the interface is self-explanatory


I've had it for a week and don't regret anything! I once had the Line 6 TonePort UX2, then the Line6 HD 500 pedalboard (which doubles as an external sound card) ... And well, you can tell the difference.

I love the knob to mix the input signal and the sound from the PC ... Very practical to record without the need to touch the source volume

The value for money is very good

I recommend this card to anyone looking for a robust, mobile card with no latency

ericthegreat's review"presonus rocks!"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
The presonus audio box usb works great with a Mac, just plug it in, select the Audiobox in the sound preferences, and then you are ready to record and monitor in full stereo.


Two downsides: 1) it does not have a line-level input, so you can only do instrument / midi / mic, and 2) USB + CPU under 1.5Ghz = noticeable latency. The faster your computer, the less problems you'll have with latency. To get around latency, you would have to monitor your input from the Audiobox rather than from the program you are recording with. For instance, if you plug in a guitar to distort with a software plug-in, you'll be monitoring the guitar's clean signal via the Audiobox before it reaches the plugin running on the computer. That is the only way to get zero latency monitoring, right at the source. Of course what gets recorded and played back is the guitar with full effects.


getting started was easy and the manual was very to the point. Construction and looks are fantastic, though. No cheap plastic cases or dials. All metal and a nice blue brushed aluminum faceplate. For the price, I recommend it. It works as advertised on a Mac (haven't tried it on a PC yet) and the mic preamps are pretty darn good. Meaning, good sound ... better than cheap mixers and way better than your stock computer sound car


Because it is bus-powered, the mic preamp gain is mediocre. Condensers are best for vocals with this, while for louder signals like a guitar amp you can get away with dynamic mics.

If you are on a budget but need a good sounding interface and have a decent computer, I recommend this Audiobox. Otherwise I recommend the next step up, the Presonus Firebox at double the price. So to get the best bang for your buck, try this one and you wont be unhappy. What more could you ask for .
MGR/Leland Fletcher11/01/2009

MGR/Leland Fletcher's review"PreSonus AudioBox USB"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
I do a little recording on my laptop when I'm up at my parents cabin. This A/D box is perfect for getting those tones into my computer.

Maybe a hundred and a half if I remember correctly. I needed something that had preamps and phantom power that I could plug some of my XLR mics into, and that would interface well with my laptop.

Although the box isn't really exciting, the fact that PreSonus included Cubase's LE4 software was one of the biggest selling points for me. The software has 48 tracks! Unbelievable and included!


It's pretty tight. Haven't had any problems yet.

For the price you get everything you really need except the mics. Love the included software and the box sounds great. Have had no problems with it after several months.

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rem sunnyland12/05/2014

rem sunnyland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Its a good card in poor output entries"

PreSonus AudioBox USB
I use it mainly with logic pro software an instrumental guitar, voice and MPC 2000XL.

The interface and drivers are ergonomic. There is much latency on PC and bit on mac.

The quality of the converters is very average because of the breath that we hear when we want a little more presence of an instrument and details. Other hand, when connecting a microphone, there is no possibility of a proper sound quality with a significant lack of gain.

Finally, component quality is poor: I have a dead input and USB connection may cause wheezing.