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soloblues's current gear

Computer Music

RME Audio Fireface UFX+
Thunderbolt audio interfaces
RME Audio AI4S-192
Internal PCI/ISA Sound Cards
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632
Internal PCI/ISA Sound Cards

Studio & Home Studio

SPL Gain Station 1
Hybrid Pre-amps
Yamaha SPX-2000
Multi-Effects Processors
Yamaha GC 2020B II
Dynamic Processors
Allen & Heath WZ16:2
Analog Mixers
Shure Beta 58A
Dynamic Microphones
Shure BG1.0
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM57
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM58
Dynamic Microphones
Neumann M 149 Tube
Large diaphragm condenser tube microphones
Shure SM85
Small diaphragm condenser microphones

PA & Live Sound

AB International 900
Dual-Channel Power Amps
Yamaha P3500
Dual-Channel Power Amps
Yamaha P3500S
Dual-Channel Power Amps
Powered PA Speaker Cabinets
Wharfedale Titan 12A
Powered PA Speaker Cabinets
Electro-Voice Sx300
Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets

Bass Guitars

4-string bass guitars
Peavey Grind Bass 5
5+ string bass guitars

Drums & Percussion


AB International 900a
Guitar Power Amplifiers
Vox Tonelab SE
Guitar Amp Simulation Pedals
Taylor 310
Dreadnought Steel String Guitars
Maybach Lester '59
LP-Shaped Guitars
Yamaha FPX-300
Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
Fender Pickguard complet US Deluxe HSS
Stratocaster guitar pickups

Electronic instrument

Clavia Nord Stage 3 88
Digital Synths
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