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Nico76210's current gear

Computer Music

Reason Studios Reason 6
General Sequencers
Line 6 POD Studio UX2
USB audio interfaces

Studio & Home Studio

JBL Control 1
Passive Monitors
TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2
Vocal Processors
BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i
Shure SM57
Dynamic Microphones

PA & Live Sound

The t.amp E-400
Dual-Channel Power Amps

Misc music/audio gear

Alvis-audio MK3
Tools for musicians
Zoom Q2HD
Pocket cams
JBL J88i
Other Hi-Fi Products


AKG K 518 DJ
DJ headphones


Line 6 Spider II HD150
Modelling Guitar Amp Heads
Line 6 Spider Valve HD100
Modelling Guitar Amp Heads
Yamaha THR10X
Modelling Combo Guitar Amps
Avid Eleven Rack
Guitar Amp Simulation Racks
Line 6 POD HD500
Guitar Amp Simulation Pedals
Line 6 Spider Valve 412VS-T
4x12 Guitar Cabinets
TC Electronic The Dreamscape
Multi-effects and other modulation effects
Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
Electric solidbody guitars with modeling
B.C. Rich Mick Thompson M7 Warlock
Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars
Ibanez RG7620
Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitars
Coffin Case DL-125
Guitar Cases/Bags
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