Yamaha THR10X
Yamaha THR10X

THR10X, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Yamaha in the THR series.

Nico76210 01/20/2013

Yamaha THR10X : Nico76210's user review


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Transistor, headphone output, USB input and output, aux. 10w stereo watts but true ...
3-band EQ, gain, master volume and guitar / USB (for jam on playback). Also runs on battery.


Perfect, the sound is terrible for a small amp ... It really sounds like big! No need to make a good background for his ...


Metal for me, we can get what we want because it reacts with the game, the master gain volume knob and scratches ... A real amp! It takes a big drop on the gain, the knob can scratch and have a clean and crunch by turning its knob guitar ... Y has everything what it takes, believe me! Of the gain that is sent to the bottom ... It's hard!


1 week of use, I like the use of battery (on vacation ...) reading playback and music playback with just the iPad and iPhone hi-fi sound c is a big plus!
Definitely go there!
Yamaha app that allows you to remove the guitar part of high or low playback ...