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UVI user reviews

  • UVI Digital Synsations 2

    UVI Digital Synsations 2 - "Awesome sound value in sample libraries"


    I use the UVI libraries on two of my PC’s. My main touch screen pC desktop, and also on my pc laptop. Since my laptop doesn’t have the largest hard drive, I keep all of my UVI sample libraries on a dedicated msata drive with 500gb capacity. Uvi has r…

  • UVI Falcon

    UVI Falcon - "THE ONE synth (and sampler)"


    - config : 15" i7 // osx 10.10 // studio one 2.6 - easy and perfect installation - the ilok software protection is not too much of a burden (what are other iLok-ed developers waiting for before adopting it too?) - my personal opinion: After us…

  • UVI Relayer

    UVI Relayer - "A rather advanced delay!"


    Installation is easy through an executable file, the authorization is as usual through the iLok account, on either an iLok key or the computer. On a side note, a total three authorizations are provided. Adequation : Very stable on a Macpro 8 x …

  • UVI UVX-3P

    UVI UVX-3P - "worth it"


    The UVX-3p is modeled after the vintage series instruments from UVI. UVX-3p can be used as a plug in or a stand alone version. It cost around 100 dollars when it first came out and that was a good price. It does come with a manual that does a great…

  • UVI X-treme FX

    UVI X-treme FX - "Where did this come from? "


    UVI X-treme FX is a powerful sound design tool that shocked me right away. I heard of this plug in from a friend not too long ago. I am not sure exactly when it came out, but I am just getting put on to it. It can be run on Both PC and Mac systems. O…

  • UVI Plugsound vol. 2 Fretted Instruments

    UVI Plugsound vol. 2 Fretted Instruments - "buy it!"


    I stumbled upon this multifunctional device while I was looking for recording interfaces. I was using this primarily as the recording interface, since all I really had to record was guitars. The main selling point of this feature is that it is a very…

Translated user reviews
  • UVI The Beast

    UVI The Beast - " Concentrate Synclavier"


    The library is encrypted and you have gone through iLok creating an account for use, a physical USB is recommended iLok that is the eLicenser Steinberg better. The installation thus by copy and paste and use of UVI Workstation is compulsory, this one…

  • UVI SparkVerb

    UVI SparkVerb - " Exploding this reverb!"


    No worries installation. The interface is a model of its kind: it is both intuitive and efficient (to find quickly the presets that have been used), but also perfectly suited for research and experimentation. No need to book but watch their video…

  • UVI SparkVerb

    UVI SparkVerb - " My latest favorite"


    Installation could not be more simple and standard. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE iMac 27 Core i7 3.4 GHz, 16GB RAM, Mbox Pro, Pro Tools 11, Artist Mix, Artist Control V2 OVERALL OPINION This is a real favorite! I was looking for a musical and sw…

  • UVI SparkVerb

    UVI SparkVerb - " Good product!"


    Installation is easy, it runs the executable, then the authorization is, like all products of the brand, through an iLok (but it seems that there is another alternative). SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Very stable on a Macpro 8 x 2.4 gHz Mac OSX 10.6.8/…