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Jackson Stars V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j2

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j2 - "Japanese market RR1"


    Jackson has a small high end factory in Japan for the Japanese market. These guitars are called Jackson stars. It is not hard to import these from Japan so more and more are popping up outside of Japan. This guitar is pretty much an RR1 with 24 frets…

  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1be

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1be - "High end Japanese Jackson RR hardtail"


    The Jackson Stars are a series of guitars that are made in Japan. They are equal in quality to the best USA made Jacksons except they are made in Japan. They have slightly different features and slightly different models. For the longest time the on…

  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1 - "High quality Japanese built RR Jackson"


    Jackson Stars guitars are pretty rare. The quality on them is equal to that of the USA built Jacksons except they are built in Japan and have slightly different specs. For the longest time the only way to get a 24 fret Randy Rhodes Jackson was to get…

Translated user reviews
  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-J2SP

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-J2SP - wemy-the-guitariste's review


    -Made in Japan - 24 Freight & EMG 81 - Licensed Floyd yours very well agree. - 1 volume. Channel driver. UTILIZATION - The handle is very nice. - Access to treble is easy and no problem reaching the 24th case. - The form is a RR …

  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-J2SP

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-J2SP - tiègo_80's review


    To start I must say that this is almost like the MODEL Jackson RR24. So for this notice, in order not rcrire the same thing, I invite you to read the reviews for this dernire Jackson. Indeed, in this test that I will mention that what appear differen…

  • Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1EK

    Jackson Stars Rhoads RR-j1EK - doodb's review


    Japanese manufacture. Ash guitar 24 frets ebony fingerboard NECK landmarks shark teeth pearl power cord type original floyd 6 strings pitch 25.5 " emg 81/85 three-position toggle 2 volumes 1 tone Kahler floyd Dinding cream on …

  • Jackson Stars King V KV-j2e

    Jackson Stars King V KV-j2e - ræf's review


    Made in Japan BODY: Alder SCALE: 648mm, 24F NECK: Maple Thru-Neck Fingerboard: Bound Striped Ebony with Sharkfin Inlays BRIDGE: Schaller Double Locking # 1370 JPICKUPS: EMG-81 (Front & Rear) CONTROL: 1Volume, 1 tonne, 3Way Toggle Switch…

  • Jackson Stars Kelly KE1100-J

    Jackson Stars Kelly KE1100-J - Hawklord's review


    MODEL 2005 SERIES 1100J KE limit (marketing?), Import from Japan thanks Toujou Internet and manufactured in Japan by Star Jackson / Charvel Japan for the Japanese market only. 24 frets, 2 humbucker pickups JacksonStar (remote copy of Duncan) A br…