Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads
Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads

USA RR1T Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.

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All user reviews for the Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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tjon901's review"RR1 without the Floyd"

Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads
The RR1T is the hardtail version of the RR1. When Randy died he was arguably the most popular guitarist in the world. Shortly before he died the guys at Jackson offered to make him a custom V to Randys specifications. The original RR was slightly different but the basic design is the same. It is an offset V with the larger horn shorter than the lower horn. This design helps with the guitars balance. The guitar has a neck through body with a maple neck. The neck has a 22 fret ebony fretboard with Jacksons signature shark fin inlays. The neck and headstock are fully bound. It has a tune-o-matic bridge with the strings going through the body. It has two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. It has an SH2 in the neck and a TB4 in the bridge with one volume and two tone knobs with a 3 way switch.


The frets arent as easy to reach on this guitar as on other Jacksons because the shape of the V. The ebony fretboard feels good under your fingers. The neck through design means there is no heel so that is good too. Jacksons at these levels come with compound radius necks. This means that on the higher frets the radius is flatter making it easy to bend but on the low frets its more curved making chords more comfortable. The hardtail bridge means you have excellent tuning stability.


With the Seymour Duncan pickups the guitar has a huge versatile sound. The alder body with the maple neck give you the classic shred guitar tone. Not many companies put after market pickups in their guitars but Jackson does. Jackson knows if you are paying more than 1000 dollars for a guitar you should not have to change the pickups right after you get it. Being neck through and having a hard tail with the strings going through the body means this guitar has excellent sustain.


Randy Rhodes was one of the most influential guitar players of the last half century. This model of Jackson guitar is a lasting tribute to his legacy. The Floyd Rose version is a lot more popular than the hardtail version. The hardtail version is also harder to find. With Jacksons falling out of favor in use among the guitar players of popular music you do not see guitars like these being played as often as you would a few years ago. This is sad because its a perfectly fine and versatile guitar. When you play a Jackson RR you are playing and keeping a part of metal history alive. If you are looking for a Jackson that does not have a Floyd Rose this is one of your options.

Hatsubai's review"Hardtail version of the RR1"

Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads
The Jackson RR1T V is the hard tail version of the guitar that was originally made for the famous Randy Rhoads. It has since evolved to become one of the most iconic guitars in the metal industry, especially in thrash metal. The guitar features an alder body, maple neck with ebony fretboard and shark fin inlays, 22 jumbo frets, hard tail bridge, one volume knob, two tone knobs, HH configuration and a 3 way switch.


Given that this is a hard tail model, it tends to reverberate and resonate much more than the Floyd Rose version of this model. I'm not normally a fan of V guitars due to ergonomics, but the RR isn't quite as bad as some other Vs. The shorter lower horn allows it to sit in your lap a bit easier, but I still find myself having to sit in classical style and support the neck. The coolest feature about this guitar is the compound radius neck. At the lower register, the guitar has a smaller radius. This allows you to chord very easily without straining your wrist. At the higher frets, the radius is flatter. This allows you to do extreme bends without fretting out. The fretwork on this guitar is also very nice.


The RR1 is a very versatile guitar thanks in part to its pickup selection and tone knobs. The JB in the bridge is probably one of the most well known and well rounded pickups in the guitar industry. It has leant itself to nearly every style from jazz to death metal. The Jazz in the neck is actually deceiving as it can work for nearly any style you can think of as well. It's a little brighter and clearer than the '59, so fast shred lines come out cleaner. The additional tone pots also allow you to shape the tone a lot more than other models.


Those of you who are big fans of hard tails and Vs will probably be looking heavily into this model. The RR1T is based off of one of my favorite Vs out there (the RR1). The fretwork on the USA models is really nice, the construction is great, the guitar is versatile and it just looks cool. Considering the price, you might want to look on the used market for one of these.

Keess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads
Made in the United States,
22 frets, two Seymour Duncan, a TB4 bridge and neck in a sh2n, vol 2 tone one.
string thru to sustain incredible, precise sound and well cut.

run thru neck (driver) trs smooth, fast.

see the site of Jackson ...


Channel perfect. Access in acute trs ais. the guitar is all alone, the weight is perfectly balanced and the guitar and relatively lgerte (I think). the guitar sound perfectly. I use it to the black, the death and thrash metal mainly. it delivers a little less gain than my RR24 with emg 81, but my peavey 6505 and my overdrive pedal may well fill that gap because of normal pickups. the sound is heavy, fat.


His ideal is my style of music.

I am the User with a peavey 6505 +, an overdrive mxr Zakk Wylde, isp decimator noise gate prorackG (MANDATORY with the peavey and pedal ...) a sonic maximizer 362. its sounds bomb .. his fat back, it sounds terrible. the piercing sounds very well in groups, anything slightly less than the mid rr24 which buries all.


I have for about 1 month. I was looking for a while for the guitar, one I would crack and I would need to change ... and voila. Jackson is finishing sign As usual perfect. know that I am sold jackson ... I try several guitars (Washburn, Dean, ESP, Ibanez, BC Rich, gibson, fernandes, etc ...) and push what I do, there is nothing better. prior to the one I possd JS jackson warrior, a DKMGT, and still have my RR24 (and I do not want men separ either) an esp ltd f-400. Obviously, for lequivalent From about 1000 euro ($ 1,500 Canadian) I would do without this choice hsit. very good quality RAPORT price if you buy at the United States, if not .. hard drive of this beast pay. (In Canada anyway). you see one of OCCAZ, do not let it pass it will soon be gone.