Washburn Dime 2ST
Washburn Dime 2ST
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All user reviews for the Washburn Dime 2ST

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR12/12/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Washburn Dime 2ST
(Originally written by yungsoo/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Made in China.

- 22 frets, original pickups replaced with a Dimebucker SH-13 (bridge) and a SH-1 (neck).

- Floyd Rose-like tremolo by Washburn.

- Controls: 2 x volume, 1 x tone, 3-way toggle switch.

- Bolt-on neck with black paint. It's neither too thick nor too slim, I like it.

I give it an 8 but it would be less if it were not for the SH-13 pickup.


- Very pleasant neck. It's quite different from my BC Rich Warlock (Platinum series) and it allows me to play things I couldn't play before! (nice feeling).

- Quite easy upper frets access in spite of the bolt-on neck. I guess a set neck would have been more convenient.

- I like its ergonomic shape, but that will probably not be the case with everybody. I personally love it!

When sitting (with a knee between both bottom wings) the playing comfort is excellent, the guitar stays in position and the tremolo bar is easy to access.

- The Dimebucker easily produces a good heavy metal sound lol.

This guitar is sold with a very convenient but rather bulky flightcase. You won't take it everywhere with you (it's a pity for a such guitar). -1


- I play mainly Trivium, Pantera, Metallica and so on.

The sound is perfect for Pantera and Trivium but it's too tight and dry enough for Metallica! (but it's very accurate)

- I play a Marshall MG15 CDR and I get a pretty good sound! (I will soon buy a new amp).

- The clean sound surprised me: I had an EMG81 pickup with an awful clean sound. Now I get a better (but not perfect) one. The bridge pickup produces a very round, Metallica-like clean sound (think Master of Puppets' interlude).

The distortion sound is great: big, very accurate and dry, with a much more present low-end compared to my EMGs (although they also sound very good).

In distortion mode with my crappy Marshall the guitar generates too much noise, unlike the EMG pickups that produced almost no noise at all. One point off because of this.

- Overdrive and distortion tones are very good with a huge distortion intensity!! A real delight for heavy metal freaks!


- I've owned it for a couple of months and I'm very satisfied with it!

- It is the guitar of my dreams, but it is quite bulky so it's not easy to transport.

- I previously had BC rich (see above) which is a good moderate guitar. I tried out a lot of heavy metal guitars: Dean Dixie Rebel (similar look).

ESP KH-4 (excellent, rare and expensive guitar).

ESP KH-202 (quite good but you'll have to change the pickups).

ESP Ltd F-250 (great but you'll also have to change the pickups).

ESP Ltd Alexi 600 (very good guitar but upper frets are difficult to access). The EMG-HZ pickups sound good.

Ibanez MTM-1 (excellent heavy metal guitar with EMG pickups that sound great, but the tremolo is not a real Floyd Rose...).

Excellent value for money, very good guitar but quite rare.

I would buy it again. With twice the budget, I would have bought a Dean or the KH-2.
MGR/Big P 04/02/2002

MGR/Big P 's review"Washburn Dime 2ST"

Washburn Dime 2ST
I bought this guitar at Mars Music for $600. I bought it becuase Dimebag Darrell is the best thrash metal guitarist, and this guitar is completely original. It also seperates from the trendy guitars such as Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez.

I like the originality, the look, feel, sound, and setup.



Awesome...buy it...

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Poppyrus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST
- The name of the exact number of mine is 2ST HM (for hand-made handmade =)
purchased in December 2005 (700 € with a huge new good sturdy case), manufactured in
- 22 frets, 2 humbuckers, Grover 18 / 1 (Buzz Feiten Tuning System).
- Floyd Rose style tremolo Washburn.
- 2 volumes, 1 tone, 3-position selector.
- Channel V rather large, not too thick, good grip (although mine are
small hands ... of course ...).

- I put 7 / 10 because the config is exactly what I wanted (floyd + 2 doubles), good
violin, nickel finish and general appearance but the vibrato and microphones Washburn
well ... at least -3.


- The neck is nice and well done, really suits me well.
- Access to acute ben my faith, really easy.
- While it is clear that the "big head" of the beautiful all the time lean
before. I feel the need to "catch up". Some move the anchor point
the home front strap, I'd rather not. It is a blow to take, rather
I find compelling, which may not suit everyone. In addition this guitar
is heavy so the interface is "special" does one say. Personally, playing for the form
a lot in my purchase so I think a guy who "flashes" on this kind of form, well
There will be the efforts to carry on his back, because there are better and more
comfortable anyway. Now the guitar is played very well while sitting without the weight
and with a more stable it is already better, but I play that up then ..
- The cash vibrato quite well, it's true. But like any vibrato in this range
price, there is not reversible, it deserves to be replaced. For a guy like me who would
is not too much, it is very good, but I fear for shredders wear over time.

- I put the average because you can see so many qualities that défaults.


- It is made to make noise, big riffs and leads infernal ...
- I use it with my head all-tube Crate and my Crybaby. The original pickups, I
thought yuck, so I replaced with a Dimebucker and SH 2.
Now this is terrible scrapes. Low unearth the dead, the leads are
down the posters and other drappeaux! The sound is pretty clear with the SH 2 if
tinker a little but the registry is still pretty exclusive. This scratching all mahogany
Seymour Duncan and good, well I understand better ... even if the Dimebag guitars to him
were still 1000 times better (it must be said).
- Once again for all the big record distortion, this is scratching, sounds
light can be fun but not at the top for versatility.

- I put 7 / 10 because it seems imperative to change the pickups to allow this
scratch to really express themselves. Once properly equipped, I find it fatal.


- I've had more than a year, and yet really'm having.
- What I like most about this guitar is its great sound, the handle and instrument making
really nice finish, and the form that I love (to each his own).
What I like least is its weight as the head diving pool.
- We must change the pickups, think before buying. It is heavy and can be annoying,
think about it before buying. If you answered two times "do not care", run to buy this
For three reasons: 1) Put on good microphones and the scratching of good qualities is
2) It is quite rare and will soon stop production, instrument
3) The guitar Dimebag!
- I do not know what is going on in the competition, it must surely be some
interesting stuff for this price point. There is also the ST PRO at about € 1400, with
set neck, and SH 59 Dimebucker home, but I find it too expensive. If only there
Floyd had a real kind Original or Schaller but no, it is the same as that of the
2ST. With almost the same config microphones, the total cost came back at 850 € is
much cheaper than the PRO.
- If you're a fan of Pantera and Dimebag is a MUST.
- The price / quality ratio is average (I paid € 700), in light of the information to change. But
it is possible to find new to € 600 now so good ... And then I find
while still too expensive anyway.

- To summarize this scraper is good qualities, some things are changing and
after it should not disappoint you. A book to "Pantera Addicts" for!

KRoMoZoM_21's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST
Guitar made in china, 22 frets, 2 double pickups, floyd rose, 2potards volume + 1 tone, the handle is attached by two screws lacquer as the body


The handle is not very thick, which compensates its width. that it is not varnished n'haltere the game strap attachment points are quite willing mals and suddenly the head tends to want to die for, and it's a little tired of always having to wear the round, that said, the problem is solved by setting the home run between the two screws of the handle. The original pickups out a thick sound and the level is very high for liabilities, which is a plus for the disto;) . Overall it is very pleasant (especially sitting)


With a body of this form, there is little room for flexibility! Nevertheless it offers a good variety of sounds. However, I eventually replaced the humbucker with a dimebucker more dug in mediums and an output level not much higher but more accurate. I play with a draft of a 13-56 all-tube Peavey vk212, and tried it on a single correct mesa boogie, and the sound is pretty impressive, regardless of the amp. which leaves the body in all directions maintains a very good resonance, and Restitut faithfully play the musician.


I use it for 5 months, and there are yet no hidden defect, so even the place where it was made, it is of good manufacture. Of course, I bought it for its shape, but I am far from being disappointed because for a minor change (micro) I would probably do with another guitar, it fits what I wanted. It offers untres good quality / price ratio, and even without that, I would do this choice

innocent.moon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST
So already I have not found the model that I called mine WE2ST but from what I know is the same model has the exeption of the name was changed to the fact that Dimebag was returned at Dean.
21 boxes, floyd rose licensed Washburn, Washburn and two microphones for pots is two volumes and one tone, the handle is screwed.
I ordered six months ago, she arrived in a briefcase custom admittedly fragile but protects the guitar well and is very practical given the DIMENSIONS of the Beast


The handle is very nice (I expected the opposite, from ibanez and Jackon warriorr XT which handles very flat) I was pleasantly surprised, access to acute easier than the jackson, the guitars are not heavy but Exess ATACHE side strap handle is very misplaced badly that imbalance the machine and removes much of the enjoyment of the game, just to break derierre fixing the sleeve in the body and the has put this place to fix the problem.
the buttons for adjustments are not necessarily easy to access but it is


It is perfect for my style of music, I use a randall warhead amp and speaker cabinet that goes with it are ok, but the pickups are really not at all precise, clean sound I like (but I ' not have very good ear to try to clean) with distortion it's hard not to make the porridge, I will change them both for a SH1 59 'in a serious and Bill Lawrence L500XL as sharp as the original and I think the sound should be consistent. I also changed the floyd, ca go to see my post on the Pink Floyd Speedloader


I play for 6 months, I like the shape and ergonomics, the feel of playing the same guitar that Dimebag is very nice too, I played a ibanez RG250 and a jackson warrior XT, but I preffere really this one, level money I find it very honest
experience with this choice I would do so, and with the experience and the dosh I would take a dean ^ ^ like everyone else
next gates05/25/2006

next gates's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST
Guitar made in Korea "not China"
22 frets
Mahogany body
washburn pickups configuration 621
floyd rose type bridge dernire generation
volume 2 tonalitbr /> end run "effective"
handle vissbr /> Mechanical oil bath grover raptor


Channel enjoyable trs
access to acute nothing to say "it glides like butter"
not so heavy that about 5kg
the sound is not bad to change the pickups especially the bridge take a "dimebuckers"
or maybe something else .... type DiMarzio


It suits my style I play mtal trend trash "exodus pantera anthrax ..."
My amp's a Hugh and Kettner 50Watt and a marshall 75 watt
sound rather heavy "my brother who plays the Vanhalen found excellent"
no clear sound distortion must play "like a big nag mdr"
I do not see or overdrive pedals with my test hendrix digitech home


I use it for one month
so far no problem
the sound is not the way Seymour Duncan, the handle perfect violin making nickel
vibrato top
Grover trs well
I tried the steve vai jem555 a js 100 and n2 and a blade texas
So for the style I do not see why it does critical "do not push it"
quality point of view prices nothing to say above all I pay less than 550 euros for MODEL.
this guitar is like a randy roahds or kelly
let's rock n roll baby

Seratoth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST
Made in China, this guitar a possde Bolt has 22 boxes. The handle is a bit large (but not thick in width) and Access in acute is pretty good with large hands. The floyd is plutt well. It can do is yell and tuning. Three knobs: volume and 2 Tone. Problem when one wants to cut the volume of the guitar, you must set the two knobs to 0. When dyed one, there is a little sound that comes out when you scratch the strings.


The weight is reasonable and enjoyable round. Against it by a trend plutt nosedive which becomes tiring for the arm that supports it. Washburn mountains above the pickups are fairly good quality even if it's not high-end microphones.


Mesa Branch of the pickups send a sec! Ideal for the Black metal. She and her mouth adquate. For if it is to play against the Pantera, go your way. Microphones tend to do a little rsonance agreements in tufts.


I've had about one month and I'm glad plutt. I possde 7 guitars and this is one of my prfres with Marilyn. I got it for just 550 new so I think it's a good qualitprix. If a c'tait again, I would do without hsiter.

Sammy666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn Dime 2ST

Guitar made in Korea
22 boxes
Identical pickups washburn neck and bridge position
Floyd type bridge design really rate: which blocks the rope at the bridge is fixed in the ball end of the rope, it uses the ds ... floyd was moving, despite s rglage a perfect race and all we can settle on a guitar .. prvoir qq hundreds of dollars more to buy a floyd Designed well.
2 volume buttons and a tonalitbr /> Slecteur 3 positions
Channel quite late, screwed.



The handle is trs enjoyable to play, fast despite the fact that it is also painted black and varnished.
The access to the treble is not simpler than what nimporte guitar, it must release the hand!
It is not trslgere and a tendency to lean toward washing but without generating truly play, beginners need to find the right position to play sitting vriament is not a problem.
The pickups washburn bcp have a blast and a pretty dirty little prcis, trs chalereux not, the tickets still prvoir qq buy a real microphone with her ....


I play Pantera bcp but marrive want to play any, why the washburn pickups are perfectly unfit to be polite.
When j'ia had the guitar I still had my peavey bandit 112 home ..
if I did not gain Metti my amp up to the microphones made nothing.
its clear, cold enough and they taient crillards.
washburn pickups with a single breath sound.


So for the overall opinion eyeGO not hold me back ....
Ptite for history, I ordered the guitar and has started more than two months to arrive ... .. full of hits store returns lexpediteur guitar ... two weeks later the new guitar arrives safely tat ... but here for the right to receive the DNAS this state I d dpenser 30 euro ... is the cost price of the "cover" prvu for this guitar. .. so I can not write because it's a bag dust bag.
In addition, the wood of the guitar has frets rtract .. rsultat dpassent and my index trpasse ...
Then at the junction of handle / body varnish and paint has quail mm and crack for no reason because I take great care .. (sweet almond oil on each key change of strings, for example ..)

So you guessed it, go your way, mm stock pigalle 2450 euro, this guitar is absolutely not do!
more o the era I ordered on the site franais Washburn / Randall pouvias we read that the guitar silent tui book, which influenced my choice rather knowing that a guitar like a can not fit in a bag, mm low.
Also the handle is al vrit a Bolt today freeters dpassent and floyd does not laccord mm without laction ...

Balance sheet? 669 + 30 + 260 + 300 ...= 1259 and yes! qe is the total cost you this guitar .. 669 plus 30 euro for washing in the correct state of the two micro seymour 260 + 300 euro original floyd rose ....

yeah ... you offered me the strap! ... phew chui returned my expense ...
srieusement more, I hope to repay me, it's a shame to sell a product as chr no reason, I have done better to buy a PRS SOAP Bar II has cost less and bcp it's much better ... I Coris all is said ... oh no certian you know all the Yamaha Pacifica 112 ... bah .... I prefer to play with it to tell you.

On this I'll keep you on the way in which Arbiter are happy customers .. uh .. arna mcontents ..