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Vestax PMC user reviews

  • Vestax PMC-05ProIV

    Vestax PMC-05ProIV - "Cross fader still feels like new"


    The Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV is a 2 channel mixer that supports MIDI. This was my “road warrior” mixer for a while because it was built very tough. I didn’t have any case for it when I was using it a lot and it got banged around many times but it always …

  • Vestax PMC-05 Pro I

    Vestax PMC-05 Pro I - FP User's review


    This things has all the features needed to scratch, nothing more nothing less Price paid 250? UTILIZATION This thing is a piece of cake i got it repaired once, the power suppy inside it got fried. i dunno what happend SOUNDS Everything is perf…

  • Vestax PMC-580 Pro

    Vestax PMC-580 Pro - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by UraHellios/translated from Audiofanzine FR) In a few words: One effect per channel and the possibility to add them all up to the master effects. Put into practice, master effects come after the channel effects in the signal pa…

  • Vestax PMC-05 Pro III

    Vestax PMC-05 Pro III - FP User's review


    I've given this a 7/10 for features because the mixer doesn't have many. But if you take into account that it's a scratch mixer (i.e. a mixer that doesn't need many features to suit the DJ), it really deserves a 9 or 10. Here's what I like about the …

  • Vestax PMC-05 Pro II

    Vestax PMC-05 Pro II - FP User's review


    Just need to be able to listen to the crossfader in ur headphones. 300 usd UTILIZATION Easy as hell repaired once for a blown power supply, entirely my fault for plugging the wrong ac adaptor into it SOUNDS Best mixer ever, adjustable curve mak…

  • Vestax PMC-05 Pro III

    Vestax PMC-05 Pro III - FP User's review


    I like the features. It is very user friendly. The faders, switches and knobs are well laid out. Perfect for first timers. $399.99 USD UTILIZATION No complicated 'bells & whistles". Extremely user friendly. Maximum quality for the price. Fad…

  • Vestax PMC-06 Pro A

    Vestax PMC-06 Pro A - FP User's review


    This depends heavily of what you are expecting. Mixer is very stripped down, no extras. Personally, I am missing: - third band to eq - wider eq range - third stereo output - master out to phones But for what it's built for - scrtatching - it's just g…

  • Vestax PMC-07 Pro

    Vestax PMC-07 Pro - FP User's review


    Wonderful scratch mixer with some basic extras , not covered with features but its a professional scratch mixer and damn does it work well for that 400$ UTILIZATION Good layout. very heavy and solid mixer compared to some i have seen feels like i…

  • Vestax PMC-270 A

    Vestax PMC-270 A - FP User's review


    I would like the kill switches next to the EQ knobs, and not next to the crossfader. $399.00 UTILIZATION Very easy to use. I would recomend this product for home use and maybe a house party but not club gigs. The quality is perfect for the averag…

  • Vestax PMC-25

    Vestax PMC-25 - FP User's review


    This is a basic 2 channel house mixer - its got PGM vs. Master LED VU Meter, Split Cue, a 3rd Aux (Cueable) input, and EQ Kill Switches as well. The faders and xfader are replacable. Nothing real fancy in the build itself. Its very short (3U) and rac…