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DJ Double-N 12/11/2013

Vestax PMC-05ProIV : DJ Double-N's user review

«  This table almost disgust me vinyl ... »

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The same opinion as Deejay Kurtz, and the faders are really pushed
Button to switch the preview to Master does not block me because I do not use it, but if that was the case ...


I've always had Gemini tables (lack of means). We can say that the quality and the difference jumps to the ears: EQ that really kill, not breathing.

BUT negative and not least, phono preamps are REALLY SHITTY, let me explain: I was listening mainly Hip-Hop U.S. with my turntables Gemini (yes again!) And buying this table I have move at the same time the digital mix with Traktor. The sound was so superior to vinyl I started to ask me if it came from the cable quality of my turntables, my poor pregnant ... I bought monitor speakers M-Audio BX8-D2, changed câcbles a turntable ... The result was the same! Then I had the idea of ​​putting my old Gemini table between the plate and the line of Vestax input to facilitate scratch. And where was my surprise to find the right sound of vinyl.

The sound of turntables via the phono input is "stale" and no way to recover it with EQ. The only way is to not have to use these entries, for me it will be turntables Audio-Technica with a switchable output Phono Line, hoping that the pre-amp will be of good quality (like the Gemini table). This table almost disgust me the vinyl and make my favorite CD!


I use it for 2 years, I had 2 tables Gemini before in 12 years.

Pros: The slide faders, settings, EQ that really kill the sound in general

The -: The phono preamps with their even worse than those of a Gemini

The mixed (+ / -) button to switch the preview to Master does not block me because I do not use it, but if that was the case ...

So in the end, this is a board for the mix hip-hop / Battle digital, listening to pure vinyl, it will be equipped (hybrid deck, outdoor pre-amp)

Good Q / P ratio, I would do this choice, anyway my turntables are old and christmas approach lol