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Violon Cello user reviews

  • Violon Cello VCA+

    Violon Cello VCA+ - " Perfect for a beginner"


    Price is the beginner pack Lesseur offered on the site, shipping included. Receiving less than a week after ordering. Careful packing, having probably prevented damage given the state of the post card. The violin is fine with me and all accessories…

  • Violon Cello VCD

    Violon Cello VCD - " Why deprive yourself of such an instrument?"


    I use it for almost a year now and I love it! Quality is at the rendezvous, the sound is excellent for the price, not to mention its top finish! In addition, it is sold by a very professional and friendly Luthier. He does not hesitate to you explain …

  • Violon Cello VCH

    Violon Cello VCH - " Excellence"


    I just bought a VCH and my conclusions are as follows: 1 / excellent Tone, bluffing sound projection, deep in the bass, bright May not aggressive in acute (mounted Tomastic). 2 / Grand comforts game or my qualifier settings violin. I recommend…

  • Violon Cello VCF

    Violon Cello VCF - " Excellent ..."


    The VCF is my fourth violin, I went several times to a luthier and I had the opportunity to try several violins in addition to those I've owned. This violin is a success, both visual and sound, the finish is incredibly neat for such a price range t…

  • Violon Cello VCF

    Violon Cello VCF - " Violin Vcf"


    My violin is a VCF that I bought 4 years ago and it still stands as the road, I would say it is soft but it may also be that I have made some progress ... .. At the time I was offered the antique violins but they were out of my budget and finally I…

  • Violon Cello VCA+

    Violon Cello VCA+ - " perfect"


    very good violin for beginners, I'm really not disappointed with the purchase .. package pack carefully and ship on time. …

  • Violon Cello VCH antique

    Violon Cello VCH antique - " excellent value for money"


    I bought an antique VCH there a few years and it never ceases to amaze me. When I made my choice test some violins brand to my teacher during a trip to the dealer. The sound has tipped the balance for VCH at the end, but all models of the brand was v…

  • Violon Cello VCE

    Violon Cello VCE - " I love it, an electric violin that is worth the investment"


    Description electric violin: The VCE is solid wood, spruce for the table and maple for the back, neck and sides. The fingerboard is ebony and ankles and chin. It is equipped with a carbon tailpiece with adjusters. It comes complete with a bea…