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suzuke 04/20/2013

Violon Cello VCE : suzuke's user review

«  I love it, an electric violin that is worth the investment »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Description electric violin:
The VCE is solid wood, spruce for the table and maple for the back, neck and sides.
The fingerboard is ebony and ankles and chin.
It is equipped with a carbon tailpiece with adjusters.
It comes complete with a beautiful pouch, black velvet interior compartment and pocket partitions, a quality bow and rosin.
The system works with a pre-amplified microphone Piezzo ensuring a high level of output and thus avoiding the feedback of low-end instruments.
You also have the opportunity to play with headphones and without amp with the preamp.
It has a volume control and tone.
Its weight is about 610 grams.
It will be fitted and adjusted by our luthier in a bridge and strings DESPIAU Averna money.

How long have you use it?

1 week, about 2 hours per day.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Stagg, Series Yamaha, HB, ...
I also did research on all models of the global market ...

How do you like:
the most?
The violin is made by a luthier, with good strings (Averna money), a tailored Despiau bridge, the bow is also good, the plugs are also very well prepared and held in place and are easy to handle, and all that when you purchase from violin-cello.
Basically it's a violin ready, no need to change half of the items or switching to a luthier to do set before play.

There is a built in pre amp violin, powered by a 9V battery.
Side outlets, 2 jacks:
- A stereo headphone jack 3.5: compatible with all headphones, it is placed under the violin, and not a problem because instead positioned about opposite the bridge, so I can position the shoulder as I see fit even with the headphones connected. Level quality with good headphones you can enjoy the sound of the violin.
- A 6.35 to connect me to a guitar amp, in my case on a multi effect boss gt 100 connected to a mixer with amp and pedal studio monitors. Next sound quality, excellent sound, but fun. 6.35 The jack is located on the left side, no problem connecting or crossing cable.

Dynamic level, it is present in his game

Regarding the chin and shoulder, everyone will find his own because editing is a standard acoustic violin, and the shoulder is in place.

In terms of color, I model the natural color (brown), but black is also beautiful.

The least?
know yet, none for the moment.

How would you rate the quality / price?
No comment, I did not find better for this price.
excellent value for money.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, without hesitation.

Jean-Noël Gester is someone who knows his job, very professional and friendly, who works for the enjoyment of music and violin.
He takes the time to answer your questions.
I was able to attend the installation of a violin with him.
I have not only found the VCE home, but also all the information to help me for the violin, as well as bows and other accessories at great prices.