Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage

Superior Custom & Vintage, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
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James...'s review"Raw, vintage drums"

Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
It's an expansion pack so install shouldn't be and isn't very hard. Just place it where it's supposed to go and load up superior. If you can use Superious you can use this expansion. The first thing that surprised me about Vintage and custom was that sheer amount of kit on tap here. There's about 5 vintage kits in you have a lot of choices. The Slingerland studio king and the gretsch are the ones that instantly stood out to me. The sound and integration of the expansion is flawless and about as trouble free as you could ask.


My studio does a lot of indie music and if you know the genre, a lot of bands seem to want old style drums on their recordings. The stock superior sounds are just too modern sometimes. A vintage sound is needed. Our clients overwhelming seem to favor the noble and cooley star kit for some reason. It has a cutting yet deep tone to it that sounds really nice on recordings. All the kits and cymbals are great though, and unlike some other packs I've used, there really aren't any throwaways. Everything generally sounds good and usable. You get a lot of kit for your money here.

Be warned though, there is no "vintage production" here. Toontrack has recorded these drums are dry as possible and it shows. Just slapping these on a track won't get you the old school sounds you want. It will sound like what it is...a raw miced vintage kit. Unfortunately the sounds people think of when they think of these drums were made mostly by using vintage processing. In other words, you have to use some analog VST's on these kits to get them sounding old on a recording. The upside to this of course, is you can use these kits in a modern context assuming you use the proper vsts's for that too.


It does what it says and is a great value. That's what I like about it. Toontrack packed a lot of drums into this expansion and I'm impressed with the variety. Like any superior product they sound great...when used with the right context.

jmabate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
- The installation is done it without problem?
just enough time to install the samples (32 GB) and then plug ... nothing insurmountable!

- Have you encountered any incompatibilities?
no problem encountered

- The general configuration is easy?
nothing to do except to choose the folder of samples!

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
it is clear but not sufficient, except for the drums map it is useless!


- What is the configuration of your computer?
always the same since 2006 ... 9200 dell dimension 6400 intel core 2 duo, 4 GB DDR 2 667 MHz, 4HD 7200 rev / min for a total of 2TB

- The software runs he correctly on this configuration?

- What are its performance? (If quantifiable)
execution in real time without the worries malgrés kit used fairly large
superior first name still works very well!

- This configuration hardware + software is stable?


- How long you use it?
since 06/2007, but I am a user box ryhtme and sequencer / drum expander long

- What is so special that you love
to have a real battery under the fingers with all the microphones and repisses vélocitées the left hand right hand. but especially the cymbals are excellent vraiments.
the least:
the superior (plug) the first name of suffering, that his little brother to the two superior knew strengthened and improve these weaknesses for Quazi rendres zero.

- Did you tried many other models before buying it?
I used the Roland JV, XV with SR-JV cards and SRX. this is my first true virtual instrument, I'd Prette groove agent (nice) but not comparable to the DFH Superior.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
nothing to say is the virtual instrument (drums) the most complete (to my taste) with all the add on because we can arranged a bank of sample quite impressive in the end.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
without hesitation, knowing more of the products that we follow ... superior 2 and EZdrummer Series!

groucho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
I was hesitant saw what I had read on the forums ... I'm running Protools LE 6.4 and I had to do the install in rewire. No problems at all. Everything is explained in the manual and everything went as planned Droulez. I was wrong to let me know!


I use it with an Athlon 64 3200 + with 2GB ram. I did plant protools wanting to load a whole kit that was over 2GB.
If we stay below, no problem, everything works fine. Note that the "cache" is very convenient. It seems difficult Exceeds 2 GB cache mode if you purge the cache rgulierement to clear the sounds that are not used.
I use this plug in real time with all the micro repisses active and it goes without worries. And in addition, highlight of the show, it takes almost nothing in CPU!
In short, perfect!


It is not even a Journe that I understand and I use it much as it takes to use that I want to do (I had quite a bone up the online manuals before to buy)

With regard to the sound is very impressive. I can not compare with the standard version, but the superior sound of C & V are fairly phnomnaux. For cons, I fear that we should learn a mix battery, which must not be empty!
I only regret that no more sounds Brushes. Those are the good (the snare craviatto is splendid), but I would be more well liked in the small nuances vlocits to some jazz rhythms ...

The report price is very good quality, especially as the support is very ractif the Toontrack forum.
I would do without this choice hsiter. The black point: it's going to make me want to have the superior standard in more ...

jacker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage
For installation such as for long but suprior trs simple (for copy and paste do), the manual is in English but is more comprehensive than that of superior (at least my version superior)


8IK1100-gigabyte, P4 3GHz, 3GB of RAM, 3 HD (80GB, 160GB and 200GB) DSP2000 Hoontech
-With my config I don not use the "bounce" in Intgr soft, I do everything in real time
High-performance with my config, I work with drum kits go between 1.5 and 2.2 go without a problem
-My config is stable with this software on Windows XP Pro (with modification of the "BOOT.INI" for the swicth "/ 3GB" as I use more than 2GB of ram in Nuendo.)


I use the for more than a week and I must say that TOONTRACK strikes again trs fort, first of all, VINTAGE & CUSTOM does not overlap with DFH SUPERIOR compltent the contrary they are really wonderful sounds diff rent to other lovers of vintage sounds will be met, there are some clear case with legends, among others LUDWIG Supraphonic BlackBeauty and (those of John Bonham and Steve Gadd to name the most c lbre users) and any recorded stuff with the height (EMI 1964 console used by the Beatles and Pink Floyd among others). so that's good, now the only criticism that can be made is that for c exploit all these sounds, because it takes time for SUPERIOR as all sounds are so gross you have to play the ingnieur sound, but once we found the sound he ny no equivalent in terms the virtual drums.