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Scarbee Virtual Electric Pianos user reviews

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - "would buy again"


    Scarbe Vintage Keyboard caught my eye after downloading and using a demo of it. For some reason I don’t think they I found this vst in any American stores online. I ended up paying about 130 Euros for it from over seas. But once I paid, I was giving …

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - yoTrakkz's review


    The Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection is a pretty good instrument plug in for your daw or whatever type of program that you are using. When you are using these sounds on the Scarbee Vintage Keyboard you can control most of the parameters of each in…

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - "Sweet sounds that won't break your back"


    These are multi sample instruments. Yes, the general configuration is very simple. When you open them up in Kontakt 4, they appear as Racks. You can tweak most of the normal features (as in the knobs and buttons found on the actual instruments) fr…

Translated user reviews
  • Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73)

    Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73) - Wozzeck's review


    sample bank Rhodes Kontakt-compatible (from Kontakt2 I think) wav format, version 16bit or 24bit. The bank is now taken over by Native (like all banks Scarbee I think), and is more compatible than from Kontakt4 (this is the "pretty" political ma…

  • Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73)

    Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73) - Thryx's review


    What are the proposed formats (WAV, AIFF, Akai, Gigasampler ...) Is it buckles or sampled instruments? instruments samples SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Sounds / instruments are realistic and good quality? cest simply superb basic sounds are ve…

  • Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73)

    Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73) - mounkayen's review


    Enough of formats, otherwise the sample converters are here to serve;) No loops. But huge: more than 2 GB. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE So of course that is what is most realistic to the extent that the instrument has been sampled. If a criticism …

  • Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73)

    Scarbee C.E.P (alias RSP'73) - solo84's review


    This product was called RSP '73 before. It is a sound bank Fender Rhodes MK1 format Kontakt 1.5, Kontakt 2, Halion, EXS24 and Giga. The piano PSE 2.5 gigabytes (yes, even when!) Layers are 12 VLOC the rpart + release samples SUITABILITY/PERFOR…

  • Scarbee R.S.P. '73

    Scarbee R.S.P. '73 - mout72's review


    This is a sampled rhodes up to 12 velocity levels (just that), or direct from the harp or after the eq of Rhodes. The key releases are also sampled. It is very complete. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE The sound is monstrous. I have an internship Rhodes …

  • Scarbee R.S.P. '73

    Scarbee R.S.P. '73 - pico's review


    12 levels with release layer max sustain and release, I played with kontakt is what is most simple. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Her trs equilibrated can be a bit too much, otherwise it is the best formulation I've heard and jou (prvoir a good keyboar…