Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

Vintage Keyboard Collection, Virtual Electric Piano from Scarbee.

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songboy 04/12/2011

Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection : songboy's user review

« Sweet sounds that won't break your back »

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These are multi sample instruments. Yes, the general configuration is very simple. When you open them up in Kontakt 4, they appear as Racks. You can tweak most of the normal features (as in the knobs and buttons found on the actual instruments) from the "Rack Face."


I only own the Mark 1, the A 200 and the Clavinet. Those three cover most of the keyboard action I need (I use NI b4 for my organ sounds). My computer rig consists of a Macbook Pro (i7 core, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd 7200 rpms) and a RME FireFace 800. I play a wide variety of styles and I have yet to find one that at least on of these classic keyboards won't fit into.


What I like most about these sampled instruments is that you get a high quality sound without having to lug around a massive instrument (my rhodes weighs over 150 lbs.). The only thing I don't like is the amount of CPU and RAM the Clavinet needs. It's around two to three times more than the Rhodes and it can bog down my system if I am running a ton of stuff on it. $79 a piece is not a bad price for this quality of sound. All of the plugins sound excellent for recording and definitely pass in Live situations. I have used many plugins for all three keyboards. Before I found these, I used GSi's plugins for all these same keyboards. I really like those plugins but the Scarbee's really out do them and bring a lot more realism to the front. Yes, I would definitely buy these again.