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iZotope Virtual instruments for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad user reviews

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - "Good for electronica"


    iZotope's iDrum is a program set up for those who need a solid electronica drum kit. It's set up to be easy to use, compatible with tons of devices (including the iPad) and sound fairly solid. I should mention right now that I deal with mostly heav…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - spiritfingers's review


    I installed iDrum without any problems and had the program making drum beats in minutes. There were no compatibility issues because I was running the program on a Mac. This program is Mac only, will not work for PC. The general configuration is simpl…

Translated user reviews
  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - skatevans's review


    no prob stable I find well-designed, no frioritures. it allows you to concentrate on the essentials. Repeat with an amen break slices of Recycle, ç'est not bad, especially since it can adjust the volume of each track, there are ways on th…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - didier.rombauts's review


    - The installation is done it without problems? Yes, very easy to install plug-ins - Have you experienced any incompatibilities? No, no problem in PT 7.1.1 - Is the general configuration is easy? Yes, very intuitive, possibility to make a s…