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Thread QWERTY keybaord "diatonic mode"?

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1 QWERTY keybaord "diatonic mode"?
Trying to mimic the shape/structure of a piano keyboard w/ a QWERTY keyboard is senseless
I want to be able to have each row correspond to a different octave of the diatonic scale
for example if you wanted to play in C scale, the top row keys would play CDEFGABCDEFG

Is this available? or must I program it myself? is Visual Basic capable of programnming the keybaord, or would I have to tweak a lower level operating system feature?
if i understand correctly your question, maybe Virtual Midi Keyboard could be what you need.
yes, virtual keyboard software for my computer (using typing QWERTY keyboard to trigger notes) is what I'm looking for;

only rather than having the middle row "ASDFG..." reproduce sounds of black # piano keys & bottom row "zxcvb..." represent white keys, I want each row to play the scale notes only, incrementing a step for each key to the left... the 3 (or 4) rows would start at different octaves... the top row (F1 F2 ...) I might want to program w/ chords or something...

basically, I want to know how to program this keyboard's keys to specific notes... since I don't like how the standard software keyboards choose to arrange the notes.