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Thread How to create lo-fi drum effect

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1 How to create lo-fi drum effect
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to create a sort of lo-fi synth/drum machine type drum loop, with a sort of tinny sound? I've tried using MIDI but none of the drum instrument modes I've heard have this sound.

Examples of what i am looking for:
The beginning and end of Rammstein - Tier (under the acoustic guitar sample)
The vocal ending of Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons (very end, starts with bass)

Thanks for your input
I don't know the examples you quote but the best way to me would be to have your drum tracks in audio format and process them with overdrive and EQ. I have done it before and it works well.
will try. thanks
I don't know if Gawain's answer ,was the right one for u ? But you can consider using a Bitcrusher or Bit-decimator ... which simply makes your audio into 8-bits or less... making a distorted sound ,but different from using a distortion .
I don't know what sequencer program U use ,but if u use Logic..try the Bitcrusher...

Go & X-PiRiMeNt... :D

Greetingz ,PsY-FLY