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Garritan Virtual Orchestral Instruments user reviews

  • Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

    Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 - "An orchestra at your hands."


    There were no conflicts nor compatibility issues under WIndows XP and 7. The manual is really clear and easy to read, giving you extensive examples and detailed explanation on the program functions and usage. Really easy setup and configuration stra…

  • Garritan Instant Orchestra

    Garritan Instant Orchestra - "decent "


    Garritan Instant Orchestra vst is pretty good, I have heard a lot better orchestra and at the same time I have heard a lot worse. So at best I say that this vst is just average. There really wasn’t too much that stuck out to me and made me go crazy o…

  • Garritan Jazz & Big Band

    Garritan Jazz & Big Band - "good sounds"


    This is a pretty high-quality sample bank. I think that it's a pretty easy thing to set up with Logic or another DAW. The setup didn't take me very long, and once I got started, the interface in Logic made it all pretty easy to control. It also, beyo…

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