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Virtual Racks/Hosts for Plug-ins user reviews

  • Blue Cat Audio PatchWork

    Blue Cat Audio PatchWork - "Very good!!!"


    I first bought this plug-in to be able to use my VSTs in ProTools 11, which only supports AAX. It's very easy to get familiar with it, I haven't needed a manual, it's pretty didactic. It is really well though-out, the routing possibilities are …

  • Topten Software Cantabile 2.0 Lite [Freeware]

    Topten Software Cantabile 2.0 Lite [Freeware] - "A must have freeware "


    Cantabile Lite is a VST host program that you can download and use fully for free. All of the racks in Cantabile Lite can be connected to separate audio inputrs and the mix levels for each plug-in can be changed using the sliders or gain and balance …

  • DSound RT Player

    DSound RT Player - "good when it first came out but now the drivers have issues"


    The RT Player has all of the features you need for your VST and VSTi plug-ins to be used in a studio or even in a live situation. It has 128 memory locations and a player for simultaneous back ground sound. It has a built in Limiter and over 12 FX ef…

  • Waves MultiRack

    Waves MultiRack - "Get rid of that heavy gear"


    The Waves MultiRack does not require you to have iLok and activating it is very easy with your USB drive or even you hard drive. It does come with a new plug in that was not available on version 8 it is called NLS Non-Linear Summer. This plug in is g…

  • Art Teknika CONSOLE 1.2

    Art Teknika CONSOLE 1.2 - "Chainer is better"


    The Art Teknika Console was purchased by me back in 2005 and I actually still have it loaded until this day on one of my computers though I don’t use it much any more because I have a different program that I use now. But I didn’t like the fact that …

  • DSound RT Player

    DSound RT Player - "a slight lag on my pc"


    D Sound RT Player is compatible with both mac and pc platforms. It will allow you to route any sound or vst player through your 16 different banks that it provides to give you all real time sounds. When using this on my windows laptop a few years bac…

  • Xlutop Chainer

    Xlutop Chainer - "real time effects rack"


    Xlutop Chainer is a multi-effects rack that will work perfect for your pc. It is all in real time and you will get some pretty awesome effects when running your vst’s through this software. I used Xlutop Chainer on so many mixer tracks at the same ti…

  • Brainspawn Forte Ensemble

    Brainspawn Forte Ensemble - "had too many issues"


    Brainspawn Forte Ensemble is mainly used as a vst for live performance, one thing to keep in mind is that when using this vst you will need a host application that can handle it. Most of us make the mistake and purchase this thinking that no matter w…

  • Native Instruments Kore

    Native Instruments Kore - "the original machine"


    Native instruments Kore is the original native instruments system that I saw for the first time being used at a local guitar center and it caught my eye right away. Now first of if you are thinking of purchasing this, you should look at the newer ver…

  • IK Multimedia Mastering Software 2.0

    IK Multimedia Mastering Software 2.0 - "worth it"


    Getting Started with T Racks Mastering Software 2.0 was not difficult at all. I have been using it for 2 years now off and on. I really haven’t used it in a while due to other software that I now own that I feel are better than T Racks. But there is …