Apple Mainstage
Apple Mainstage

Mainstage, Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from Apple.

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loudfunk 01/31/2012

Apple Mainstage : loudfunk's user review

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SImple enough to set up. Obviously depending on whether you want to use this with keys or guitar you will need a midi and/or audio interface.


OSX only, do I need to say more. I expect Apple products to have rock solid drivers to run rock solid on Apple hardware.


What we have here is essentially a "rack" that lets you run the Apple instruments, amp sms and Apple and 3rd party plug-ins as a standalone app without using your DAW.
I came across it when it came bundled with Logic Pro. Now Apple sells it in the App Store for $30 by itself.

The basic idea to turn my lap top into a amp modeler was never of any use for me. However when I toured in Asia the first time 2 years ago and only had questionable rental amps and my "pedal board" consistent of an "emergency" overdrive pedal I packed this came in very handy.
I used it with a small audio inter face (Apogee Duo) either in the loop of an amp, or worst case scenario in front of the amp.
Signal chain was guitar, over drive, into the sound card from there into Main Stage, out of the sound card into the amp.
When the amp had an effects loop it was guitar, over drive, amp, loop to sound card into Main Stage, sound card back into the loop of the amp.
This way I used Main Stage to add my have AU plugs. I ran the PSP Audioware PCM 84 for delay, Soundtoys pitch shifter, and U-audio tape sim plug. It was such a god sent to have that option. Saved my butt on pretty much every gig.

With main stage I have my back-up set-up in my laptop bag and am prepared for any horrid gig surprise. I guess absolute worst case scenario I could go direct.