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stompboxjon 10/22/2012

Waves MultiRack : stompboxjon's user review

« Get rid of that heavy gear »

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The Waves MultiRack does not require you to have iLok and activating it is very easy with your USB drive or even you hard drive. It does come with a new plug in that was not available on version 8 it is called NLS Non-Linear Summer. This plug in is gear for people who are working with live sound, I would not purchase it if you don’t have a live use for it.


The MultiRack is easy to install and set up, even if you don’t have the previous version of it and you are installing it from scratch it will still only take a few minutes. If you have the previous version then you know that it required iLok, so if you upgrade to this version 9 of MultiRack you will no longer have to worry about iLok and you can run your Version 8 and Version 9 plug ins simultaneously. MultRack does come with a manual that you can download online, it is easy to use and read through (Adobe Acrobat Reader). You can easily search what you are looking for and it is way better than having a hard copy and having to flip through pages to find what you need.


Using the MultiRack will allow you to get that studio quality and sound to your stage audience in no time. You will have full control without having to worry about racking or running cables. It is also compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

With the MultiRack all you need is your laptop, interface and MultRack. You will then have everything you need to run your live show. You can get rid of all of the rack-able units and extra gear that you don’t really need which is a plus because you won’t have to carry it around. MultiRack will replace all of those heavy rack-able units that you hate taking around with you.