EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion

Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion, Virtual Vocalist from EastWest.

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All user reviews for the EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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 1 user review20 %
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Editorial review
  • 03/06/08Review of FabFour, Gypsy and Voice of Passion

    Review of FabFour, Gypsy and Voice of Passion - EastWest Play

    After 20 years of editing hi-quality sample libraries, EastWest has taken the plunge and released its own sample player, simply named Play. At the Winter NAMM 2008 the editor unveiled several products which will be using this new instrument. Let’s start by reviewing three that are already available, Fab Four (FF), Gypsy and Voices Of Passion (VOP).

Users reviews

JoeW1's review

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
Voices Of the Apocalypse is a sample library that is compatible with Windows Xp , 7 and MAC.

The manual that comes with the software is a very important tool in understanding how the program rules , how to apply its features to your projects.

The general setup is quite simple , time and effort isn't something that you really must put in , very straight up setup and noob friendly.


The software has a nice level of stability , no errors and bugs while using it on many different DAW'S.
I'm getting great performances while using Voices Of the Apocalypse in making different choral sounds and effects.


Let me start by saying what I don't like about it , the down side to it, are the cpu resources needed to rule this software and the word builder , apart from that , pretty perfect product.
I really like both genre choral sounds , the vowel sounds , the angels and demons patches sound really amazing , very dramatic , powerful , great tone and emotion evoked.

Another great thing about it , is how well the sounds blend together , for example the 'Demons' are the male counterparts of the choir and you get different releases and tones while tweaking the samples.

The 'Angels' are the female voices of the choir that are very dramatic , emotional.
The 'ahs' patches are more powerful , vibrato included to give more bite to the sound.

My opinion about the value for the price is good , without a doubt a very powerful choir , however this is a very expensive product so you must consider this factor if thinking to purchase this one.

Precision and quality of the sound is extremely pro , the angels were recorder in a church to get a more realistic feel and natural reverb to the sound.

I've tried several models , however this one is a keeper , indeed one of the best choirs even in 2013.

iansorcerer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Doubtful"

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
A large box with a DVD and a Ilok bought next, a bit shabby considering the price, especially when we see that is the key ReFX eLicenser with dvd Nexus ...
Installation is simply catastrophic, when the installation is done (since no disturbance), the files are sent no matter how one can and all (with the authorization system) is complex in view of help information provided with the installation.
Install after a 10th attempt, it took me to uninstall and reinstall (custom mode) because PWV was not working in standalone and was not recognized as Vst in my sequencer (Presonus Studio One Pro) despite the update.


It works on Windows 7 Pro Pro64 bit with an intel I5 and Presonus Studio One Pro.Le fact is that the interface is beautiful, the sounds are very good qualities apart from the "famous" voice of Mickey, but I found that there is a lack of diversity in the voices used. The settings are easily accessible, but the navigation and selection of the sample set are not necessarily intuitive. The All seems stable, no worries on that side.


I use it for one week now, so I still have things to explore. Vst is the first voice that I use and at the same time it did not bother competing. The main problem with this app is its implementation more than disastrous. I do not direct me, for sure other products to East West. The value for money is questionable, because of the requirement to buy an ilok next, in view of the price of soft and energy spent on installed. I would do that choice knowingly? Probably not.

Redo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
Despite additional guidance sheet is in the bote, Parsees and find information in files, the implementation of the system is what I have seen the worst in twenty years of computer use. Besides the fact that cl is not protective Ilok book and you score between 35 and 40 euros more, the installation of drivers Ilok plant and replant the environment. Worse, APRS crash the installation process remains in memory and prevents any attempt at new facility, as the process plant is not completed (Gag!!) It's been a week since I fight with me and I never understood the logic of people who Designed the installation process! As the installation of other protections on USB cls in Syncrosoft went off without a shadow of a problem for me, as the process Ilok with these horrifying crashes exasprants me parat complexity of useless!
APRS russi have any installed (by some miracle, no doubt because I never understood how or why), APRS authorized to have the product on the Web and the last updates downloads Modified (bad IDE) I ended up replanting a new installation of new drivers Ilok, and blocking the installation process plant So far I'm still not reached reinstall the drivers for protection Ilok!


Between the installation of the book version of the DVD and the update on the web, I had the opportunity to test the sound bank for several hours. The software interface is trs Aesthetics (probably what I've seen more beautiful) and me parat fairly intuitive. The organization of the samples seemed well thought out but I find the quality of samples Ingala. Some have a texture could not be more convincing and open up good prospects cratives, others are a bit 'pte cardboard "or" Mickey "as you like. Overall the library to be enriched MRIT and more diverse, because it leaves a little hungry.
Finally, does the essay with a few hours, I probably pass some default ct or quality. I can not say at this point in terms of performance.


Finally, I will not praise this product with passion (as is too often the case) nor criticize Manir biased because I find both good qualities but also of defects exasprants: beautiful and intuitive interface, samples of quality or that do not require that amliors be diversified over the future updates, but at the same time this system me protection / permission to say the least "tweaked" and the install process exasprant m'empche which currently still using this software.
If c'tait again I do not buy it because in the life of a musician computing must remain a tool that facilitates the process cratif plutt that complicate making him spend hours pr cieuses he will devote neither music nor real life!
Last Updated 08/08/09: After a few days the product being eventually install correctly but the installation logic is confused with files and folders automatically adds a range of issues. My OPINIONS remains that the installation of this software deserves to be reviewed and simplified to make it work because it is necessary to row a time during and after each installation. Otherwise, it is a product sduisant and I qualified my position on purchase intentions and the overall score as I go up two eight APRS have better explore the library of sounds. I wait all the same an evolution of the latter possibly in a future update. Another question puzzles me. In one opinion below refers to a user 2 DVD. In my bote there was only one. (?)

jem.b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion is amazing .. it's like if I had Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance or natasha atlas
in my studio ... 8 to go a breathtaking collection of sounds ... the ability to choose its mono or stereo microphones and reverbs included that are simply beautiful ... a virtual instrument to own if you urgently dressing film / pub
or just to chill out your compositions, trance, lounge and ethno ... we are used to price quite expensive but the quantum leap in quality is to go in 32/64 bit ... with all the joints imaginable a game live ...

I put 8 of 10 for no manual in the box? ... pdf with a simple dvd install 2 at the same time .. it's really easy to take control in 5 minutes .. I toured the options

small snag in +: No window when the installation asked me to install my bank on an external hard drive which is recommended in the "tips" of the website to optimize configuration and CPU .. a brief detail .. thank you .. great collection Eastwest one more time for your high-quality products


Beug few who crash the application in stand alone against by ca in Digital Performer audio unit turns nicquel

I'm working on a quad G5 (6.5 GB RAM) and using the + big preset collection of stand alone and playing with four buttons at the same time my CPU never exceeded 15% at bagging least 4 / 5% are used by the system


It is the only virtual instrument of this kind .. no need to look elsewhere

christudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion
Well, I say bravo East West :-)
I t probably one of the first purchase this plug in Pre-sales in the month of January for a release in Fvrier ... ... the money has t DBiT but that day (beginners June 2007) still no plug the Horizon ... I demand be drawback: you can imagine that I have no answer ... East West had a bad reputable but I do not believe this.
Spend your way to feel the scam.


No preformance for they know not even themselves, even if not a walk one day ...


I never used it because I needed 2 months ago ...