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  • Apple Bazik

    Apple Bazik - " Bazik unique"


    My opinion is not objective as the creator of the application. on the other hand I can explain how Bazik is unique. This is the software vj / visualization that I know who is as simple and fun to use. Bazik was thought to be operational immediatel…

  • Anomes Millumin

    Anomes Millumin - " A very good mapping software"


    I used Millumin in my work for over 2 years. It is a powerful tool for mapped scenography, whether a show, convention or installation. It is complete, to create real scenes timeline while being very easy to use. This is currently the best in its c…

  • Robotfunk FLOWMOTION

    Robotfunk FLOWMOTION - " TOp! It's going super fast and very fluid"


    PERFECT My poor Juliette The use of resources software startup Flowmotion is justified to allocate memory stable ... it is more reliable than the current soft! Why my good sir you tell me? Simple: It seems that the design of soft Boque the amo…

  • Resolume Resolume

    Resolume Resolume - " Not evil programmed top of all"


    Expensive, heavy, demanding, incomplete, Not evil programmed top of everything has got better in the past ... The current trend of engine programmer using windows or call external programs like Quick Time or other Rather than ... than to make …

  • Mixvibes VFX

    Mixvibes VFX - " Excellent"


    I use the software and VFX Supervisor for about three months at least every weekend. I've always used software Mixvibes but only for DJing. This is my first system VJing. What I like most: stability, features video and music, perfect synchroniz…

  • Resolume Resolume

    Resolume Resolume - juliette47's review


    Resolume c is the class ... a very quick handling of the interface that is rather pleasant! Entirely in midi parameter even if this one does not assign s Manir intuitive with a "learn" about the interface! R "very active in his STREO mix easily with …

  • Resolume Resolume

    Resolume Resolume - Gkp's review


    I join the opinion prcedents ... Resolume is really nice! After a small tower of softs DIFFERENT VJing ... this one is really that dmarque ... ... I will add just: - The possibility to integrate cameras into the mix numriques (2 cameras simul…

  • Avid Xpress Pro HD Power Pack

    Avid Xpress Pro HD Power Pack - Max Gyver's review


    This is the video editing program par excellence, he ets used by the DST, the High School of Cinema in Belgium. …

  • Garagecube Modul8 v2

    Garagecube Modul8 v2 - CNek's review


    I use version 2.5 on a mac mini core duo + raptor 10k, frankly meaningless perf level despite the GMA950 64MB sharing could turn a quiet;) Otherwise I test most software like Arkaos, Resolume, Flowmotion (Mac), Isadora (mac) and Grid. Ben does not…

  • Robotfunk FLOWMOTION

    Robotfunk FLOWMOTION - juliette47's review


    I know I know I do not know what's going on with this app c but you run, your dj 50% of the CPU and RAM so that it nya running anything yet ... I have the test on several BCAN and each was the same faith not comfortable at all ... is a shame because …