FLOWMOTION, VJ Software from Robotfunk.

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komar 01/28/2004

Robotfunk FLOWMOTION : komar's user review


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Trouble-free installation
Incompatibility: ing
Config gnrale: trs simple
Manual: in French / German, covers well the features offered diffrent

Config: p4 2.4,1 GB RAM, Matrox G450, rm1x + Pocket Dial
The app runs fine, stable (test 12 hours)
Performance level: possibility to work on more than 5 video layers both
This program ncessite especially the ram (the minimum recommended is 1 GB)
I put 9 because we really need the ram!
ps: also works on OSX

User for 3 years, I apprci the evolution of the product, made according to the demands of users.The 'main intrt RSID is that everything is controllable by noon, there automation of many, we are just facing a kind of expander / video squenceur
I tried beacoup other programs of this type before I DCID for the cause of it: its stability in its live capabilities, its forum, the cost of its crateur Fast Fashion and freedom it provides.
Report quality price: 100 euros for it is a visual software cheapest and most efficient (limited offer)