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ulys 01/15/2013

Resolume Resolume : ulys's user review

«  Not evil programmed top of all »

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Expensive, heavy, demanding, incomplete,
Not evil programmed top of everything has got better in the past ...

The current trend of engine programmer using windows or call external programs like Quick Time or other
Rather than ... than to make them even! and integrate them into their program is the most unpleasant and not professional whatsoever.

Of course, It has Consists save time but raises enormously the problem
machine to another, however, with the same OS windows xp taking example and also requires the user download a lot of updates and other software options such as Frame or works
puisce VJ software that is incomplete for 800 + € secour the thief!

You guys who look Moonster schedule or Flowmotion
how it is done it is much better
- No need to add anything to his computer
- No need to buy a video card art (to compensate for the vagaries of Resolume)
- No need to change computer

The principle of a true soft uses its own format, motor, its own file Bin cue (without fetching all dll and risk of crash)
for reasons of fluidity and good sense, and it works very well
For example, in Flowmotion I noticed that you import a video
standard mpg2 (DVD) and converted to its software at the time of import
- Then the video appears ou as a small square in the bank video among other ...
CA march marvel incredible speed and fluidity
As the machine arcade video games for example ;)
Same for Moonster .. Unfortunately these programs were mysteriously
"Excluded" from the market and new versions ....