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  • Singing, or the art of performance - Part 1
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    Singing, or the art of performance - Part 1 - The ultimate guide to audio recording - Part 89


    In this new installment of the chapter dedicated to vocal recording we will tackle the delicate issue of performance.

  • Going Further with Vocal Warm Up
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    Going Further with Vocal Warm Up - Consistency and Range Transition in Vocals


    It's time to retake our vocal warm-up process, which we started with 10 minutes of thoracic diaphragm and vocal folds relaxation. Our purpose this time is to go one step further and deal with one of the most difficult things to achieve when singing: smooth transitions between our two main voice ranges.

  • The 10-minute Vocal Warm-Up
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    The 10-minute Vocal Warm-Up - A Quick Vocal Warmup


    To get the best possible vocal performance (and to avoid breaking your voice during the first song), singers should warm up, just like sportsmen do. Many different schools offer different techniques to achieve this, but considering it's your body we are talking about here, you should try to find out what works best for you! Nevertheless, here are …

  • How To Get a Broken Voice
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    How To Get a Broken Voice - How To Break Your Voice


    It's hard to do a Janis Joplin song if your voice sounds like Madonna, or to sing Springsteen with Boy George's voice. Is there a way to get a broken voice?

  • Tips for Controlling Vocal Sibilance

    Tips for Controlling Vocal Sibilance - How to Control Vocal Sibilance


    Vocal sibilance is an unpleasant tonal harshness that can happen during consonant syllables (like S, T, and Z), caused by disproportionate audio dynamics in upper midrange frequencies.

  • The Emotional Cords

    The Emotional Cords - Vocal Health for Singers


    As summer arrives, singers begin to worry about vocal health as summer is the season when most artists have most bookings. "Will I be able to manage all the upcoming shows without vocal fatigue?" The health of your voice is a serious matter: Your voice is a musical instrument that requires very special care, technical skills and constant practice.