Kurzweil Forte SE
Kurzweil Forte SE

Forte SE, Workstation from Kurzweil in the Forte series.

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Arnoldo13 04/13/2018

Kurzweil Forte SE : Arnoldo13's user review

"A first review on KURZWEIL’s Forte SE"

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
I’ve only owned this keyboard for a few weeks, so here’s my first impression on it.

Considering its weight (40 lbs), the manufacturing quality is good, which leaves us with a positive impression as to the product’s potential longevity (my Alesis QS8 has lasted for more than 20 years, but it weighed in at 60 lbs). Only the sides’ finish seems strange, it leaves a hollow space around the key which is a pity regarding the overall design which is otherwise rather good IMHO.

The Fatar TP100LR keyboard is a bit heavy, yet it provides a pleasant piano-like heavy touch.

The included piano sounds are beautiful, as well as the organs, Leslie and so on. Not a disappointment at all in these regards.
The sounds offered are rather comprehensive, yet strangely some “classic” sounds are missing (such as a church organ). The principle of multis is nice, with up to 8 layers.

Control setup is very comprehensive, offering nice possibilities for live playing.

A few cons:
- the screen right back from the 1980s: too bad, but not a real surprise compared with the official pictures. Plus, if need be you have the iPad/PC/Mac editor, which is well made
- transition from a sound to the next: the sound and timber move up, not a great point ans particularly disappointing on such a stage-oriented keyboard
- the 8 faders transition: depending on the fader’s position and parameter set on the selected sound, the transition can be abrupt and there is no indication given to set them accordingly to the selected sound setting
- the arpeggiator seems basic, but I still don’t know it very well. However, that’s what it seems to me, compared with the awesome arpeggiator on my Yamaha Motif XS, which had impressed me from the very first moment.

In the end, I mostly chose this keyboard to play with my band, so considering mostly its compact size, weight (but with a Fatar keyboard which I’d already used before), and also to try the KURZWEIL brand, which I had known for years as having a solid reputation for the quality of its piano sounds – something I can only confirm as justified.

The FORTE range seems to feature sound editing capacities but this is something I’ll see later, however with an English-only manual (English not being my mother tongue), not everything is easy to grab.