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Kurzweil Workstations user reviews

  • Kurzweil PC3X

    Kurzweil PC3X - "Kurzweil PC3X"


    Its main features -at least those that caught my attention- are as follows : *the heavy touch type keyboard: -the keyboard is pleasant to use with a quick rebound (quicker than on Yamaha heavy touch keyboards) -it seems the Fatar mechanical part…

  • Kurzweil PC3K6

    Kurzweil PC3K6 - "I could use my .KRZ sample files with this board"


    I have been using Kurzweil boards for a long time now and I love the PC3k7, it was just so darn expensive when it first came out. I remember paying over 3 grand for it and really second guessing my self if it was worth it or not. But after using it f…

  • Kurzweil K2000

    Kurzweil K2000 - "The K2000 has a great layout"


    The Kurzweil K2000 is a professional looking as well as a professional sounding synth. The layout of the synth is very well organized and put together. The workflow of the Kurzweil is very simple an that was the reason that I loved using it. The Kurz…

  • Kurzweil K2500X

    Kurzweil K2500X - "Kurzweil K2500 X"


    I bought this baby second hand for *price converted from German Marks* about $1500. My main motivation in buying it was that I needed a synth with 88 keys and the good reviews I had read about it before. I also heard the 2500 rack in a band I play wi…

Translated user reviews
  • Kurzweil PC3

    Kurzweil PC3 - " Very good versatile synth"


    76 semi-weighted synth keys aftertouch VAST - multi timbral 128 votes connectors comprehensive midi / usb ... full effects system. 16-track sequencer Kore-compatible ROM 64 UTILIZATION The "standard" usage is very simple, this synth is …

  • Kurzweil PC3

    Kurzweil PC3 - " Sound before any"


    Keyboard with aftertouch (it is rare) nice. Big variable as complex polyphonic sounds, organ mode (KB3) and virtual analog (VA). Sequencer (song mode) and riffs / programmable arpeggios. Very powerful, fortunately editor about right allows you …

  • Kurzweil PC3K8

    Kurzweil PC3K8 - " Just incredible !!!"


    88-hit heavy (Fatar TP40L), Velocity and aftertouch, 128-voice polyphony, multi-effects, arpigiateurs. The first thing that made me more about this workstation is the hit, it's perfect. UTILIZATION It was not until I put splint seriously because …

  • Kurzweil PC3LE8

    Kurzweil PC3LE8 - "Beautiful beast!"


    Comprehensive Workstation with a 7 octave keyboard touch "heavy light" (heavy enough to recall the feeling of an upright piano, and light enough to play synth sounds, organ and electric piano) 8 pads for launching clips, play drum sounds or what yo…

  • Kurzweil PC3X

    Kurzweil PC3X - " Impressive"


    The characterisic onet ette repeatedly stipulated by the review here + Kurzweil. UTILIZATION The use is quite intuitive in my opinion, even if the docs are not sufficient. Kurzweil has online tutorials that can get into the heart of the matter qu…

  • Kurzweil PC3LE7

    Kurzweil PC3LE7 - " Imperceptible"


    See the manufacturer's website, there are all the necessary info if you are interested in taking it. Many caractérisques but many are found as entering the synth. UTILIZATION No, no and no it has nothing simple about this synth workstation and …