Kurzweil PC3LE6
Kurzweil PC3LE6

PC3LE6, Workstation from Kurzweil in the PC3LE series.


Kurzweil PC3LE6 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Kurzweil sound »

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I will not dwell on the features that are available on the official website of the brand ...


The grip was easy, the controls can be numerous and well thought
a regular synths will not be surprised.


Kurzweil sound is not mythe.C It was the first time I had the opportunity to test a synthetic brand and I must say that the shock was grand.Je came
MOX6 to listen for a while and I must say I was a little bored and I was pretty disappointed, and then I went to PC3LE6 and it did not take 5 minutes to understand the difference: the sounds orchestra of course are excellent, they have made the reputation of the brand, but to be honest all sounds good: vocals, strings, drums, synths, percussion, all programs are of interest and used as such .. .


To conclude, I would say that for a model of entry-level price and where
can touch, this is by far the best instrument in its class at the time and I thank Kurzweil put a real musical instrument in the range of medium fortunés.J musicians would add that I find it hard to understand the Whiners Critics sometimes severely Kurzweil brand and some of its models because if the input range that sounds like what about top models ...
Even more absurd, we sometimes see people selling to buy a Kurzweil
MOX6 one which despite its quality and versatility is far from the musicality of a pc3.
If you are looking for a musical instrument at a reasonable price,
do not hesitate.