Kurzweil PC3K8
Kurzweil PC3K8

PC3K8, Workstation from Kurzweil in the PC3K series.

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Kitkatjc 11/09/2014

Kurzweil PC3K8 : Kitkatjc's user review

«  Just incredible !!! »

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88-hit heavy (Fatar TP40L), Velocity and aftertouch, 128-voice polyphony, multi-effects, arpigiateurs. The first thing that made me more about this workstation is the hit, it's perfect.


It was not until I put splint seriously because the beast is not easy to master. It will take a lot of work to go around. By acquiring PC3K, my goal was to already have a high-end keyboard to renew my slightly older hardware, to have a machine all in one, you can create my own sounds like I could do with my past old, but shiny, DX7IIFD. This is done with this kurzweil !!! Well the screen is a bit small, but the interface is very well studied, and finally relatively easy to use. The PC editor is provided free and is a great help for editing Programs or Setup.
The manual is in English, grrrr, but it is available in French on the net. I just had to edit it on my printer, nearly 450 pages whaaaaaaaa !!!


Basically, I sold my DX7, because the sounds were not realistic enough, so I purchased a Korg krome. With krome, this time the sounds were much more realistic, but unfortunately most pure synth sounds !!! Ouch !!! At this point, I bitterly regretted selling DX7. It was then that I acquired the Kurzweil PC3K8 and there, miracle, realistic sounds and pure synth sounds, I finally found the ultimate machine.
The keyboard sounds great in all styles of music (film music, new wave, pop, etc ...) it is pretty amazing.


Global view, simply magical, awesome. A perfect hit (this was my biggest concern), various of high quality sounds, a reactivated the machine flawlessly. Everything is perfect, except perhaps the size of the display, but it is quickly passed on that flaw.