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brooklyn59 05/19/2012

Kurzweil PC3LE8 : brooklyn59's user review

«  Very very satisfied »

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I use it primarily as a pianist, although this fabulous machine is more powerful than most conventional digital pianos, stage or furniture, Roland, Korg or Yamaha to name a few
It therefore offers everything the others have, and more often, plus the possibilities of synthesis proposed by the famous VAST: complete modification of existing samples and sounds (timbre, envelope, etc. .. everything is possible, no other piano Digital can match it in this field) and creation of new sounds, "program" in terms Kurzweilien.
The keyboard is a Fatar TP40L, the same as its big brother PC3K8 premium, which shares 90% of features and sounds possible with LE8, which gives it an outstanding value for money. Touch (set PianoTouch velocity) is excellent for my taste, not too heavy (Yamaha GH / GHS, Roland ivory-G) nor too light (North Piano 1/2) or too dry (Roland pha3), very precise, made good piano, the touches of Korg RH3 and intermediaries Kawai come close


Configuration is easy for normal use, effects, split, dual mode, recording, etc. ..
As this piano offers many more opportunities than other settings, it takes a little patience to gradually assimilate the logic if you want to go further, such as access to VAST, one gradually discovers the richness of its setting and we do not regret the journey saw the potential
The classic edition of the sounds is relatively simple, by potentiometers or by changing the attribute values ​​usual, a deeper issue requires the use of VAST menu, where you have to assimilate some notions such as layers, and keymaps samples, and enter gradually into the world of synthesis
Weak point, the manual is provided in English (which partly explains the lack of popularity in France while Kurzweil is renowned elsewhere), it said the French retailer SAICO provided me with a manual PC3 recent French (I can send it to whoever wants) where I find the whole setting of ample LE8, short enough that documentation, ie provide SAICO soon translated from the doc LE8
The support (English) Kurzweil is available, responsive, friendly and knowledgeable, I had answers quickly to all my questions, I am also registered on the forum famous Kurzweil cunka


Kurzweil piano sounds are very successful, it's a known fact, see the videos on the subject, I find them better overall than other brands
The sounds are numerous, arranged by "Category", I love some, others leave me indifferent, matter of taste again
To know about Kurzweil: sound is a "Program", ie a definition of parameters of arrangement of samples already available in the memory of the piano, then a new sound takes up almost no space in memory (qq KB ), we can add a lot according to his desires, and there are plenty of samples available, piano, EPiano, pads, strings, woodwinds, keyboards, guitars, percussion, etc. .. with several stamps for each; for example, I got two new piano sounds with the recent update firmware, which is 3MB


I month
I tried everything before taking it, I did not deceive me
In the shortlist I had Yamaha CP5 and Nord Piano Piano 2, seduced by the very first touch wood, and interested in the sound bank in the second line, but I prefer the piano sounds of LE8 and flexibility of parameterization sounds is greater than the North (including the envelope), piano remains expensive for my taste
Report qualité-sons-clavier-possibilités/prix unbeatable for me
I would do this choice? in your opinion? :)